Barangays in Dumaguete City

One important function of the captain and his council is to mediate disputes, before legal action will be taken. This can be a complaint of the neighbor’s karaoke machine at 3:00 am in the morning or the right of way for a new building. The salary of the barangay captain and councilor depends mainly on the population and size of the division.

We could not find any proper information about the Barangays in Dumaguete, so we spend weeks to visit all Barangay Halls and Captains to get them together. All information are gathered from different sources and even official offices could not provide valid names, contacts and correct address to many of those Barangays. Some print media published on their website controversial information about new barangay captains at the same day in different articles.

We tried to verify all names and numbers with all 30 Barangays of Dumaguete and also met with many Barangay Captains which were all very helpful. Some were actually surprised about the effort taken and were proud to help us with all questions.