Miss Manjuyod 2023 (Coronation Night)

Miss Manjuyod 2023 (Coronation Night) –

The Coronation Night of Miss Manjuyod 2023 was held last October 02, 2023, at the Manjuyod Activity Gym.

Video of Miss Siaton 2022

Miss Siaton 2022 or Siaton Fiesta Queen 2022 was participated by 11 lovely candidates. Click here to watch the coronation night video!

Video of Miss Bais 2022

The search for Miss Bais 2022 was participated by ten candidates. One queen, one title. Who will be it be? Watch the video to find out!

Video of Miss Silliman 2022 – Coronation Night

The search for Miss Silliman 2022 was participated by nine lovely candidates. Did you miss it? Click here & watch the Coronation Night video!

Video of Miss Silliman 2022 – Preliminary

Miss Silliman 2022 Preliminary Competition was held last August 20, 2022 at the Claire Isabel McGill Luce Auditorium. Watch video here!

Video of Miss Tanjay City 2022

Eleven candidates participated in this year’s search for Miss Tanjay City 2022. Did you miss the show? Click here to watch the video!

Video of Miss Guihulngan 2022

The Miss Guihulngan 2022 coronation night was held last May 22, 2022. There are ten candidates, one crown, and one tittle. Watch video here!

Video of Miss Bindoy 2022

The Miss Bindoy 2022 Coronation Night was the highlight of the Bindoy Fiesta 2022 celebration. Eight ladies, one title. Watch video here!

Video of Miss Canlaon 2022

The winner of Miss Canlaon 2022 will also be named as the Pasayaw Festival Queen 2022. Click here to read more and watch video!

Miss Basay 2022

Video of Miss Basay 2022

The Miss Basay 2022 Coronation Night marks the first live pageant since 2019. Ten lovely candidates participated. Watch video here!