Barangay Bajumpandan

Dumaguete 2018 Barangay Bajumpandan Barangay Hall

Barangay Bajumpandan has a population of around 4.500. Negros Oriental State University has a campus in Bajumpandan. Criminals may find themselves also there as the barangay is home to the Dumaguete City Jail. Also located in Barangay Bajumpandan is the slaughterhouse.

Brief History of Bajumpandan

The word Bajumpandan literally mean the odor of Panda, a tropical plant belonging to the pandanus species. This plant is growing wild in the Philippine forests. The economic value of the plant is the use of the leaves for weaving mats, and other articles using the same materials. There is a variety which has a peculiar pleasing odor of the green leaves. The leaves, of this particular variety when used as matima at the bottom of the pot in the process of cooking rice give the boiled rice a very pleasing odor and aroma. Although, this is not used ordinarily in every home, yet, it is a very sweet aroma highly increases the appetite of the people. Hence, the use of this appetizer is another sign of our hospitality which aims to give the fullest satisfaction to our guests. There are some well-to-do families, who keep a supply or culture of this aromatic variety of pandan for daily use in the cooking of rice.

As to how the word “bajumpandan” became the name of the barrio, the story revealed that during the organization and establishment of the barrio some prominent visitors, possibly Spaniards, noted some people with “pandan” leaves and were habitually in the act of smelling the leaves.

Barangay Fiesta: Every 4th Sunday of December and Every 19th of April (The patron saint of Bajumbundan is Sen. San Jose while the other celebration is dedicated to the Sagrada Familia)

Barangay Captain:

Crispin V. Patrimonio

Barangay Secretary:
Miss Janice N. Albina
Barangay Treasurer:
Josephine P. Quisquis Mobile. 0905 1524 585

Barangay Councilors:

Esmail P. Rasid
Virginia D. Almayda
Reu D. Ismil
Felomino R. Solamillo
Juancho R. Gallarde
Noelito C. Ramirez
Jeffrey B. Intong

SK Chairman:
Bryn L. Panday

Address of Barangay Bajumpandan:

Barangay Hall Bajumpandan
Purok Kamaisan,Corner Junction Bajumpandan Cantil-e Road
Dumaguete City
6200 Philippines

Landline: (035) 226-3292
Mobile: 0939 659 6271

Barangay Bajumpandan Captain 2018 Crispin V Patrimonio