Our galleries 2015 of Dumaguete & Negros Oriental. Check out our Festival coverage and Beauty Competitions around the City and whole Negros Oriental.

Daygon 2015 - Bayawan

Daygon 2015 – The Sounds of Christmas in Bayawan

Once again we were invited by our friend Eli G. Manlangit to Bayawan City, This time for the Daygon 2015 – contest. We only can speak for ourselves and some people in the audience we talked to, the evening was a beautiful, entertaining event

Inagta Festival Siaton

Inagta Festival 2015 – Siaton

The Inagta Festival in Siaton is probably the oldest Festival of Negros Oriental. It is a celebration of authentic Negrense culture

Miss Siaton 2015

Miss Siaton 2015

The search for Miss Siaton is part of the annual Fiesta celebrations of the municipality in the South of Negros Oriental. The event started spot on at 8:00pm with a delay.

Miss Amlan 2015

Miss Amlan 2015

Despite the rather small stage and the limited space we highly enjoyed the Miss Amlan 2015 beauty pageant immense. All intermissions were kept short and the candidates were the absolute center of activity.

Sandurot Festival 2015 Showdown

Sandurot Festival 2015

The Sandurot Festival 2015 came to its peak with the Street Dancing parade through the streets of Dumaguete City and the Showdown right after on the stage at Quezon Park.

Miss Dumaguete 2015

Miss Dumaguete 2015

Miss Dumaguete 2015 was an event split into three parts. We skipped the press-conference as we heard over the years from hundreds of different candidates how they safe the trees, educate the young ones and make the world a peaceful place with social networking.

Buglasan 2015 King & Queen

Buglasan King and Queen 2015

In a festival full of great events, Buglasan King and Queen 2015 competition usually takes place on the busiest day. Friday night after the Buglasan Showdown and the Street Dance competition

Buglasan Festival

Street Dancing Parade – Buglasan 2015

The weather god was once again with Dumaguete and Negros Oriental during the Street Dancing Parade of the Buglasan Festival 2015.

Folkdance Competition - Buglasan 2015

Ballroom & Folk Dance Competition – Buglasan 2015

One declared favorite of each years Buglasan celebration is the Ballroom & Folk Dance Competition. It is usually held as together on one evening and showcases the beauty, grace, tradition and talents of the young Negrense.

Kahayag Dance Company

Kahayag Dance Company & Karinyoso Boys

Tuesday was the evening for a nice show at the big Stage on Freedom Park. The Kahayag Dance Company & Karinyoso Boys supported by Urban Myx from Mindanao delivered a good show for the big crowd in front of the stage.