Barangay Mangnao Canal

Barangay Mangnao Canal is located to the south of Dumaguetes center. To its west are the Barrios of Bagacay and Junob, to the North is Calindagan and Tabuc-Tubic and Banilad is the south. The Mindanao Sea at the east serves as a natural border. The population of Mangnao-Canal reaches almost 4000.

Brief History of Magnao Canal

The word “Mangnao” is a Visayan term which means the process of extracting starch from the trunk of a native palm called “Sac-Sac” by using water after thorough pounding The story goes, that long ago when the barrio was yet unpopulated, the place there was abundance of native palm trees called ”Sac-Sac”. The trunk of this palm has rich starch for food. The extraction of the starch settled in a big wooden vessel made for that purpose. The starch which settled in the water was then dried, and ready for cooking. The process of the washing of the finely pounded trunks os the Sac/Sac is called “onao” in Visayan. The word “Mangnao” must literally mean the extraction of the starch in the water. It might not be the correct spelling of the original word. Through modification for convenience in pronouncing the name “Mangnao” had been accepted and adopted.

South City Elementary School
1.255 pupils are attending the South Elementary School in Magnao-Canal. The school was established in 1931. Today 40 faculty member are responsible to teach the pupils reading and writing. (More about South City Elementary School here)

Barangay Fiesta: Every 4th Sunday of January (Patron Santo Niño)
and April 5 (Patron St. Vicente)

Barangay Capatain Mangnao Canal:

Ramel M. Tayko

Barangay Secretary: Jonathan U. Bartolata
Barangay Treasurer: Guillermo B. Boriol

Barangay Councilors:
Nilo N. Corsame
David C. Unto
Ricardo M. Valencia
Antonio D. Geanga
Demetrio U. Alar
Justin Warren C. Dimalig
Leonila G. Cedrome

SK Chairman: 
Daisy Fee A. Alar

Address of Barangay Magnao-Canal

Barangay Hall Magnao Canal
South City Elementary School
South Highway
Dumaguete City
Philippines 6200

Land Line: (035) 226 1641
Mobile: 0918 3515 580; and 0915 2690 887