Barangay Buñao

Barangay Hall in Buñao

Barangay Buñao is a barangay in the north of Dumaguete City close to the Sibulan Airport. Along the North Highway are many car and bike shops. The Barangay itself has close to 3,000 population.

Brief History of Barangay Buñao

In this place was a stream with very clean water. The stream was locally known as “Buñao” and made the place famous for its good water either for drinking, bathing, washing and other uses. People begun to concentrate in the present barrio site until the barrio was organized, and the name ” Buñao ” was adopted. The word itself does not express literally any Visayan word but in as much as it was originally the name of a river or stream, it must have been derived from the Spanish word ” Buñao ” or adulteration. During the course of many generations from the establishment of the barrio, the name ” Buñao ” continued to live up to the present time.

Barangay Fiesta:

Every 1st Day of October (Patron: Our Lady of Fátima)

Barangay Captain Buñao:

Gina Calbog Ablay

Barangay Secretary: Marie Celeste L. Samson
Barangay Treasurer: Chona V. Catapusan

Barangay Councilors:

Nido B. Duran
Nemecia B. Nillas
Joaquina Teves
Neceas Duran
Erlito N. Carale Jr,
Roui C. Saloma
Maria Margarita D. Panganiban

SK Chairman:

Rabello G. Sumoson

Address and Contact of Barangay Buñao

Barangay Hall Buñao
Purok San Juan, Buñao
Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental
Philippines 6200
Landline: (035) 225 6369
Mobile: 0915 1230 777