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NORECO II (Negros Oriental II Electric Cooperative) is the electrical company supplying Dumaguete and the surrounding municipalities of Negros Oriental with power, most of the time. Their headquarters are located at Real Street close to the crossing with Silliman Avenue. If one wants to apply for their services and gets electrically connected, there are a few steps to take and papers to prepare.

Generally, membership in the cooperative open to any person who intends to use the services of the cooperative, within its coverage area.

Two kinds of NORECO II membership

A regular member is a natural person who has complied with all the membership requirements, has the right to vote and be voted upon and is entitled to all rights and privileges of a member.

On the other hand, an associate member may be a natural person or juridical person who has no right to vote nor be voted upon and is entitled to such rights and privileges as indicated in the by-laws and under RA 9520. However, an associate member who is a natural person and has met the minimum requirements of regular membership will be considered a regular member.

Requirements for NORECO II membership:

An applicant must fill out the prescribed membership application form, pay the membership fee of P50.00 and subscribe at least five (5) shares which has a total value of P500.00. A member can only own a maximum of ten percent (10%) of the subscribed share capital of the cooperative.

The applicant for membership will be considered a member once his membership is approved by the board of directors and he can exercise his rights as a member after payment with respect to membership.

In the case of termination of membership, for any valid reason, a member can withdraw his membership by giving a 60-day notice the board of directors.

Subject to the bylaws, the withdrawing member is entitled to refund of his share capital contribution and interests. Although such refund will not be made if upon payment the value of the assets of the cooperative is less than the aggregate amount of its debts and liabilities exclusive of his share capital contribution.

A member’s death or insanity is considered a valid  ground for termination of membership. Membership can also be terminated by a vote of majority of the board of directors for any of the following reasons:

  • When a member has not patronized any of the services of the cooperative for an unreasonable period of time
  • When a member has continuously failed to comply with his obligation;
  • When a member has acted in violation of the bylaws and the rules of the cooperative;
  • For any act or omission injurious or prejudicial to the interest or the welfare of the cooperative.

As a member of the cooperative to the extent of his contribution to the share capital of the cooperatives.

For Inquiries, and Questions Please call directly the NORECO 2 office: (035) 225 – 4830 or 422 – 6522 or Visit NORECO 2 Located at: Real Street, Dumaguete City Negros Oriental. is a private run website, sharing information we gathered from the offices.
We are NOT connected with NORECO!
For ANY question, get in touch with their office!

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  1. Name
    Name says:

    and what if you don`t have facebook – where does one go then? You need to communicate further than just facebook..! all these brownouts without warning have cost my business, should I bill Noreco II?

    • Rosario - DC-Team
      Rosario - DC-Team says:

      If people like it or not, FB is a mass-communication medium nowadays and reaches more people than any other medium. If you don’t have, simply talk to somebody who has. You can also get the announcements via local radio stations. If you also don’t listen to Radio, well, you may talk to someone who listens to radio.
      If you don’t know anybody with FB or radio, simply give NORECO a weekly call and ask a simple question like: “Do you have a scheduled brownout this week in [insert your area]?
      …really no rocket science, isn’t it?

    • Rosario - DC-Team
      Rosario - DC-Team says:

      They can not show it here, because this is not their website.
      Considering the bank-accounts of the FB makers, we would love to be that stupid!.
      However FB has a support system in place. They are actually open for suggestions. “FB, you are too stupid” might not be enough to trigger their attention, though.

      • Jens
        Jens says:

        Just because a site is commercially successful doesn’t mean that its the proper means for companies and govt agencies to connect with people. FB is like a cancer spreading through “free” access deals with the telcos (which, btw, in other countries are forbidden by law)

        • Rosario - DC-Team
          Rosario - DC-Team says:

          It is great to know, that there are things forbidden in other countries. However, that has absolutely nothing to do with the Philippines and or the way power-outages are announced here in our region.
          As a matter of fact, it is plain ridiculous, that people come here posting nonsense, but do not offer any alternative. We recommend you to join the club of grumpy complainers. They meet on a regular basis at Mc Donalds-Quezon Park and Sans Rival in Robinsons. You can’t miss them, they don’t smile and complaining the whole time.

          As Facebook is (here in the Philippines), the easiest and most frequented medium, it is certainly the best way to announce a power interruption. You obviously don´t like it, but don´t give any suggestions. You could look for investors, to support for example a daily newspaper. That may be a way, to announce scheduled brownouts. However, we doubt that you would reach the numbers FB and local radio are reaching. So, now you have two completely FREE options to get the information.
          Of course, you also can call the power supply company directly, if there are scheduled brownouts in your area in the near future.
          Another awesome option, which is nearly forgotten nowadays is, verbal communication with a real human being or two in your surroundings. You may be extremely flabbergasted, what wonderful information can be forwarded, just by talking to other people and asking questions It is a real cool thing, give it a try.
          Best regards and happy Sunday

  2. Larry Elterman
    Larry Elterman says:

    Why in this day and age do you not allow online payment? People spend hours in line wasting there life to pay your bills. There is a pandemic and people put themselves at risk to pay your bills. Why in this day and age do you not allow on line payment, like everyone else! It’s shameful! What on earth can be your excuse? Please tell me.

    • Rosario - DC-Team
      Rosario - DC-Team says:

      Good day,
      Good day Sir Larry
      We accept online payment since more than 10 years. No problem with that at all.
      We do not have a single person falling in line to pay bills. All our transaction happen online.
      In extreme rare occasions, some of our clients insist on other payment forms. However, DumagueteInfo-Net-Service (owner of this website) is highly encouraging online payments to avoid any physical contact in times like this.

      Off-topic to your comment, We also pay our electrical bill with NORECO online since quite a while, just in case you didin´t catch the difference between the spelling of and Noreco… they sound quite similar, do they?

      Anyway, good success in life, stay healthy and a happy new year to you Sir!


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