Apartments in Dumaguete

Apartments in Dumaguete

Dumaguete has accommodations for each kind of traveler. Many hotels and resorts have not only regular rooms but also some apartments for more people or travelling families. Many Apartments in Dumaguete are also a good choice for expats who want to saddle down in the city or stay for a few months to escape the cold their countries.

Apartments in Dumaguete are also a booming business. One should not have a big problem to find something which fits the individual needs. Of course, it depends on the individual expectations. There are quite some terms used which may not mean the same than in other countries. Semi-furnished and high-speed internet being two examples.

Vida Homes – Condo Resort

Vida Homes, is a brand new luxury Condo Resort beside Pura Vida Beach & Dive Resort. This complex is simply stunning and as soon as you enter through the gates you’ll be amazed by the combination of Asian and European elements providing maximum comfort. … read more.

Dumaguete Holiday Home

Dumaguete Holiday Home is a homely four-bedroom, two-story, detached house located in the friendly and quiet municipality of Bacong, just a short journey south along the main highway between Dumaguete City and Dauin, read more

Semi furnished Apartments in Dumaguete

When a place to sleep is needed, a semi-furnished apartment might be the way to go. Some foreigners may be surprised, that a bamboo bed and a few plastic chairs is already considered semi furnished. Add to that a cabinet and it might be even called fully furnished Apartment.

Our advice is to have a look around the city or the neighboring towns. There are many places “hiding” in smaller roads where one would not expect them. If you visit Dumaguete for a few weeks, you may find some of the more expensive fully furnished apartments in the more central locations pretty convenient and pretty much up to an international standard.

Luxury Apartments at the Beach in Dauin

If one is looking for a little bit a more luxurious stay at the golden beach in Dauin, one should not look any further than Vida Homes. The beautiful property with private bar and swimming pool is an oasis of peace close to some of the best scuba diving and snorkeling spots in the Philippines over at Apo Island. A modern gym, the Sea Explorer dive operation and the Pura Vida Restaurant are no 5 minutes away and belong to the same group.

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Things to be aware when looking for an
Apartment in Dumaguete

When you found the place you are looking for, look again for some hidden issues which might not be to your liking. It always makes sense to have a good look at the neighborhood. If there are any signs of a Karaoke bar, you may have some restless nights ahead. Maybe you can try to visit the place after sunset again. Also watch out for roosters and dogs. Even it remains a secret what they find so interesting at 4:30 in the morning, it can be quite annoying for their human neighbors.

When the place promotes high speed internet, it has also a different meaning from what you are used to. When you can watch YouTube videos on medium quality without stopping for buffering, that is what you can expect from “High speed” Dumaguete internet.

The water pressure can be an issue in certain areas of the city. The supplier regularly turns down the pressure at night or cuts it off completely from 10pm to 5am. If the complex has a water-tank on the roof you shall be fine.

The power situation has improved quite a lot over the last 15 years, but blackouts (locally called brownout) are pretty common in some areas. Not many landlords have a back-up generator. There are also scheduled brownouts which last 8-10 hours. Also, the voltage is not exactly what one calls stable. If one has some sensitive electronics, think about some voltage regulators and backup batteries. At least it gives you time to safe your files and shut down your PC or laptop.

Public Transportation can be an issue in some areas. While there are 2500 tricycles crisscrossing the city, when the night falls one might need to walk quite a bit to a main street to catch one. While Dumaguete is generally a safe city, there are areas where walking on badly lit roads is simply not the smartest thing in the world. If one wants to enjoy the nightlife in Dumaguete, which does not start before 10pm it is wise to have some cellphone numbers of drivers and arrange pickups. This may cost a few peso more, but better safe than sorry.

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