Dumaguete – The City of Gentle People

Dumaguete City, also known as the City of Gentle People, is more than just a travel hub to the surrounding tourist attractions and scuba-dive destinations. Dumaguete is the Capital of Negros Oriental. The city has a population of 125.000, however during daytime this number can be doubled-some say tripled. Thousands of students travel daily from the surrounding municipalities to Dumaguete and attend one of the city’s top notch educational facilities. The high level of English taught and spoken in the schools and universities of Dumaguete since decades is one of the reasons why visitors from all over the world find it easy to get around Dumaguete City and Negros Oriental.

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What makes Dumaguete such a charming city is the combination of multiple factors. It is a vibrant city which makes its way into the heart of each visitor.

If it is your first time traveling to Dumaguete City, then it is best to familiarize yourself of what the charming town has to offer. Know the different festivals, tourist spots, nightlife hotspots and so much more by watching the video below. This will serve as a general and simple guide on what Dumaguete City is.

Where To Stay in Dumaguete City

With the growing numbers of tourists and business traveler coming to Dumaguete City, new Hotels, Guest Houses and apartment complexes grew throughout the city. There is accommodation for each wallet, Back-packers will find their Bed ‘n Breakfast and business traveler get a Hotel in the center of Dumaguete where all banks and office buildings are just a stone throw away and the Beach Resorts are the place to go for unwinding and relaxing.

Hotels in Dumaguete

Hotels in Dumaguete offer great service to reasonable prices. Cable TV, WiFi and a Mini Bar is standard in most places. Check out here what different places offer.

Guest House in Dumaguete

Inns & Guest Houses in Dumaguete

Due to the size of the city, all Guest Houses and Inns in Dumaguete are in close proximity of the city center. Get here an idea about the different places you can stay

Beah Resort in Dumaguete

Beach Resorts in Dumaguete

The City itself has no proper beach. The Dive and Beach Resorts are mainly located in Dauin, just a 20 minute drive south. Get an overview about several options here.

What To See – What to Do in Dumaguete And Negros Oriental

Dumaguete is a great place to visit. As everybody has different ideas what to see and what to do, we put together some of the tourist spots in Dumaguete for your convenience. This will help you to get around and help you to plan your trip. The location of Dumaguete City leaves many options to visit many different tourist spots in Negros Oriental. That includes the visit of neighboring Islands like Siquijor or Apo Island.

Dumaguete City
Tourist Spots in Dumaguete

Your itinerary really depends on your time, if you want to see as much as possible in a few days, or are more on the relaxed side. To cover most of the interesting Tourist Spots in Dumaguete you will need one day without rushing it. -read more-

Dolphin Watching in Bais
Tourist Spots in Negros Oriental

For exploring the tourist spots in Negros Oriental, one can hire a tour-guide, or tries to organize it themselves. Some of the Tourist Spots of Negros Oriental are easy to reach, others need a bit of planning and also more time.-read more

Caving in Negros
Action & Adventure

Many visitors associate Dumaguete with Apo Island and Scuba Diving, but Dumaguete and Negros offers much more Outdoor activities. Trekking, Caving, Mountain Biking- You name it, Dumaguete and Negros has it. –read more


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Festival & Pageant Gallery

Tayasan Festival 2024 - Dalit Tayasanon - Street Dancing Showdown

Dalit Tayasanon 2024 – Tayasan Festival

The celebration of the Dalit Tayasanon 2024 during the Tayasan Fiesta was held on June 09, 2024. Read more & View Gallery & Video here!

Dumaguete & Negros Oriental

Broadcasts Boost Your Odds

How to Use Sports Broadcasts to Boost Your Odds

Knowledge is power in the world of sports betting. One of the most valuable tools at a bettor’s disposal is live sports broadcasting.


Miss Tayasan 2024 Coronation Night

Video of Miss Tayasan 2024

As part of the Tayasan Fiesta 2019, the search for Miss Tayasan 2019 marked the highlight of the festivity. Eight candidates, one crown. Watch Video here!

Siquijor Island – The Mystic Island

Siquijor – Isla del Fuego – Island of Witches – The Mystic Island. The tropical paradise has many names. However, when discussing the mystique of the island, most locals and guests who have come and gone would definitely agree that the true mystique of the island lies somewhere between the green forrests, its beaches and the marine sanctuaries hiding below the surface of the ocean. There are a lot of white-sand beaches on the island as well as underwater sanctuaries that have not yet been touched by commercial institutions. The state of nature in the island is most mystical, as there are very few of those in the Philippines. Indeed, there is a whole lot more to the mystique of Siquijor than the purported witchcraft.

Siquijor tourist spots -Faith healing-potions

About Siquijor

Known for its mysterious and mystifying wonders through out the island, tourist are overwhelmed to see Siquijors beauty first-hand. Click here to get an overview of Siquijor’s secrets.

Siquijor tourist spots -Cambugahay Falls

Siquijor Tourist Spots

With white sand beaches across the clear blue sea and the enchanting forest,  Siquijor is indeed a little magical paradise for all to see. Check out the different tourist spots Siquijor has to offer!

Salagdoong Beach in Siquijor

Resorts in Siquijor

Siquijor has diffrent accommodation to suit one’s taste from luxurious holiday rooms, to backpackers, travel hub, hotels and dorms. Find your accommodation here!