Barangay Taclobo

Dumaguete 2018 Barangay Taclobo Barangay Hall

Barangay Taclobo in Dumaguete is with a population of more than 11,000 one of the most populated barangays in Dumaguete.

Brief History of Barangay Taclobo

The present barangay Taclobo used to be a dense forest of big trees. The inhabitants were then living apar tfrom each other. During the period of the history which was possibly before the Spanish time, there were strange, large bi-valve shells that appeared in the place. The closing of the shell-valve made some peculiar loud noise. When some prominent visitors in the plaice heard and inquired about the noise the native answer “nag-taclob” meaning the shell is closed. The transient visitors or explorers made refference to the place as nag-taclob. ” Taclobo”remaines up to the present.

Taclobo High School
Taclobo High School used to be located in the vicinity of West Elementary School. By the year 2007, the Government of Dumaguete City appropriated funds and settled a new site for the school. Taclobo High School is now situated at West Taclobo, in the boundary of Barangay Batinguel and Taclobo.

Barangay Fiesta: (Every 3rd Sunday of January (Patron: Senior Santo Niño)

Barangay Captain Taclobo:

Roger Estorco Bohol

Sec. Annalyn Piñero (035) 225 5622

Barangay Councilors:

Gregorio Sy Suasin Jr.
Marjorie Patrimonio Gewan
Edgar Vilas Flores
Orlando Remanesis Patricio
Rolando Larena Lazalita
Raul Pinili Villas
Enrique Sojor Oira

SK Chairman:
Jane Crissa Pinili

Address of Barangay Taclobo

Barangay Hall Taclobo
Corner of Cervantes Street and San Jose Extension
Dumaguete City
6200 Philippines

Landline (035) 225- 5622
The Barangay Hall of Taclobo is located next to West Elementary School in Dumaguete City