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Tricycles, Pedicabs, or simply Trikes are the most common form of public transportation in Dumaguete. Dumaguete is “blessed” with 2,500 registered tricycles, they play an important part in public transportation and are also a big part of the typical street-scenes in Dumaguete. The term Pedicab comes from the origin, where a bicycle and human power is used to strike the pedals hard.

While there is nothing special for us locals to ride a trike, most tourists coming to the City of Gentle People love to ride around town, despite the fact, that often enough the tricycle is stuck in traffic and walking would be faster. The trikes in Dumaguete have almost the width of a regular car and are among (if not) the biggest in the Philippines.

Tricycle Rates in Dumaguete

When it comes to payment, we Dumagueteños have no problem to get normal rates. Foreign tourists, who visit only for a few days or weeks and stay at a resort in Dauin, don’t mind paying one dollar or two for a short ride within Dumaguete. A problem occurs when the “trike-mafia” targets the long term tourists, permanent residents who are married in Dumaguete or simply people who have the experience from other cities, where the price for a trike is regulated and driver obey the rules.

They regularly getting overcharged or left standing alone on a street, when they are not willing to pay 80 peso from Robinsons to the market.

However, those tourists also need to consider that they are often seen as a “special ride”. When a trike goes from Robinsons to the market, or from the Market to their regular destination, it is usually occupied by 4 – 6 people (whereas there is no limit to the maximum capacity). All passengers pay regular trike fare. The going rate at the moment is Php 8.00 per head with discounts for students and senior citizens carrying their ID.

Trike Rates (Pandemic Edition)

As of 2021, trike rates in Dumaguete City increased due to the pandemic. Trike rides are only allowed to take 3 passengers at a time. Two inside the cab, and one behind the driver. Aside from this, plastic barrier between the driver and the passengers are also required for safety protocol.

Php 15.00 (first 2 km of the ride)
Php 2.00 / succeeding kilometer

Trike Driver in Dumaguete

How to calculate the trike rate in Dumaguete

The basic fare depends on the fuel price. A special ordinance from 2011 and the Resolution No.16 of the 2015 Series regulates the basic trike fare in Dumaguete as following:

Price of Fuel Per Liter Basic Fare Rate
Minimum Fare Php 8.00
Php 57.51 – 62.50 Php 8.50
Php 62.51 – 67.50 Php 9.00
Php 67.51 – 72.50 Php 9.50
Php 72.51 – 77.50 Php 10.00
Php 77.51 – 82.50 Php 10.50
Php 82.51 – 87.50 Php 11.00
Php 87.51 – 92.50 Php 11.50
Php 92.51 – 97.50 Php 12.00
Php 97.51 – 102.50 Php 12.50
Php 102.51 – 107.50 Php 13.00
Php 107.51 – 112.50 Php 13.50
Php 112.51 – 117.50 Php 14.00
Php 117.51 – 122.50 Php 14.50

This basic tricycle fare covers the first kilometers. Each started additional kilometer costs Php 0.50.

Other than that, there are also fixed prices for fixed routes. The Tourist Certified Drivers Association (yes there is something like that, even no tourist ever certified a trike driver and this rates ever) published following fixed rates.

  • Dumaguete –> Sibulan Airport Php 100.00 per trip
  • Dumaguete –> Sibulan proper Php 120.00 per trip
  • Dumaguete –> Valencia Php 150.00 per trip
  • Dumaguete –> Bacong Proper Php 120 per trip
  • Dumaguete –> Dauin Proper Php 300.00 per trip
  • Dumaguete –> Malatapay Php 400.00 per trip
  • Dumaguete –> Zamboanguita Php 500 per trip

Despite this rates you will have problems finding a driver willing to go some of the longer routes, and honestly, we don’t know anyone who wants to go from Dumaguete to Zamboanguita with a trike.

Trike in Dumaguete

Now that is easy, wouldn’t you agree?

Yes it is, within limitations and as long you go on standard routes.

Trike Fare Example 1:

If you get with your friend in a trike at the market area and go down to the boulevard or to Robinsons, your trike-fare is Php 16.00 total (2 x Php 8.00). But be ready that the driver adds passengers at will to maximize the profit.

You go from the Boulevard to the Market, the price is the same. You go from Robinson to the Market, the price is the same, but the driver might start the ride only if all seats (plus 1 or 2 passengers squeezed in) are filled.

If one does not want to share the tricycle with other passengers it is considered, liked mentioned above, a special ride. The trike driver will not tell you a price, but will ask you: “How much you pay?” – at least this is what most of them mumbling.. Now it is up to you to either suggest a price you are willing to pay, or insist him to tell you a price, which will be quite high.

If you get a “special ride” calculate 2-4 times the regular fare. So the special ride from Robinsons to the Market might be 40 or 50 Peso. Bear in mind, that’s what they make if waiting a few minutes to have the tricycle full with passengers each paying Php 8.00.

Trike Fare Example 2:

It is 10:00 pm and you want to go after a dinner at Hayahay back home, with “home” being in a Barangay not in the center of Dumaguete. You probably end up with anything between 40 Peso and 80 Peso. You simply need to keep in mind that the trike will make the way back without any income so you will pay for that empty-driving.

During closing time of the shops in Dumaguete, many trike-driver won’t take you on a “special ride”, unless it is on their way back to downtown Dumaguete. Between 5:00pm and 8:00pm they fill their trikes at the shopping centers and drive with up to 8 people multiple times, which transfers into Php 70 per trip. While at 2:00 pm they happily take you for Php 25.00, during rush-hour even 40.00 peso from, let’s say FoodNet to Piapi, is simply lower as what they earn taking regular passengers at any shopping center.

Be aware that a hungry trike-driver can’t be flagged down and/or will not take you anywhere but heading home (even you know it is your neighbor).

Trike - City of Gasoline Stations

Don’t be surprised if you flag down a trike and it goes to the next filling-station 20 meters down the road, adding 25.00 Peso fuel.

Don’t be surprised if the trike stops, the driver jumps off, urinates against the next wall, jumps back on the trike like it is part of his job to do so and continues driving.

Don’t be surprised if you get asked at the end of the trip for some peso extra. Just decline friendly and walk away.

Don’t be surprised if the trike-driver has “no change” (even his little bag is obviously full with coins).

Don’t be surprised if he takes a wife, child or relative on “your” ride and takes a slightly different route to drop them off first.

If you get pulled over the table (in terms of overcharged) don’t get upset, be better prepared next time. Have your fare ready, if one trike doesn’t want to take you, the next won’t be far away. Give them a fair rate for your special ride and tell them “Good for you – Good for me”. Most of the time you get a smile, some quick raised eyebrows or pointed lips and off you go towards your destination.

if you have more questions and concerns don’t be shy to call the TMO.

Traffic Management Office landline
(035) 225 1662
(035) 422 2538

To answer each tourists frequently asked question:

How many passenger fit in a tricycle in Dumaguete?

Always one more !

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  1. Joyce Encabo
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    I am interested in buying 2 trikes or potpot for business in Bayawan City.

    Where can I buy 2 very good condition registered vehicles?

  2. Marie
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    This is very informative. Thank you. Would you know the latest trike fare from Sibulan airport to DGT seaport? Sulit Budget Hotel to airport? Is walking from Citymall to Sulit hotel safe? I’m a solo traveler.


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