Barangay Poblacion 6 – Cambagroy


Poblacion 6, also known as Cambagroy, is one of the central business districts in Dumaguete. While ten thousands of Dumagueteños go there every day, the population of this Barangay reaches barely 500.

Brief History of Poblacion 6 – Cambagroy

Sometime during the year 1898, when the Americans occupied Dumaguete, the district which is known as “Cambagroy” had plenty of beautiful girls, who befriended the white young soldiers. These taught the natives some English words as they could converse and make love with them. One of the young American Romeos was called Roy. When the soldiers were recalled and bid goodbye to the native girls, the parting word of Roy’s Girlfriend was Come Back Roy. When some people heard this phrase they imitated the newly coined word “cambagroy”, to ridicule or mock the young girls. The farewell phrase of the natives was warning to local girls to be aware of foreign Romeos. The Barangay Cambagroy Fiesta is every last Saturday of May

Barangay Captain:

Gerardo M. Balog

Baranagy Secretary:
Raquel M. Boladola

Barangay Councilors:

Bernardo C. Sun Jr,
Afriano B. Suela III
Victorino B. Sonoza Jr
Fernando J. Martinez
Nella Fe B. Albarracin
Ace D. Cedrome
Peter Hausen T. Jardeleza

SK Chairman:
Henry T Piñero II

Dumaguete Barangay Capatain Poblacion 6 Cambagroy Gerardo M. Balog

Address of Poblacion 6-Cambagroy

Barangay Hall Poblacion 6

Twin Arcade Building
Perdices Street – Corner Silliman Avenue
Dumaguete City
6200 Philippines
Landline: (035) 420 9705
Mobile: 0917 5234 765