Barangay Bantayan

Barangay Hall in Bantayan

Barangay Bantayan is located in the northern part of Dumaguete City. The barangay has a population of approximately 5000 people. The area of barangay Bantayan extends from the North National Highway all the way down to the Bantayan Beach.

Legent of the term  “Bantayan”

The Visayan word “Bantayan” means literally a guarding place. During the early history of the town of Dumaguete, particularity during the Spanish time, it was said that the town was frequently invaded by the Moros for the purpose of kidnapping the natives who must have offered stubborn resistance to the Moro invaders. Like in the other places of the Philippines, as revealed by records and actual ruins, the Spanish authority and the native Filipinos always made some means of protection, usually stationed at strategic places where they would be able to see the approaching enemies from the distance. Then the guards could advise the non-combatants to evacuate and the fighting force to prepare for the fight. The town of Dumaguete must have several of such guarding places but the only remaining known place and which actually used the name “Bantayan” is the present barrio bearing such name. Its location is really a very strategic point overlooking the Tanon Strait.

Barangay Fiesta: Every 3rd Sunday of January (Patron: Santo Niño)

Barangay Captain Bantayan:

Nerio V. Grapa

Barangay Secretary: Miss Maricel S. Yuson
Barangay Treasurer: Miss Cecilyn A. Paraqueles

Barangay Counsilors:

Nilo G. Sayson Jr.
Lois Angels S. Ferraren
Mario E. Duran|
Graciano Cimafranca
Braulio D. Saycon Jr.
Romarico Sayson
Allan S. General

SK Chairman: 
Duane E. Duran

Address of Barangay Bantayan

Barangay Hall Bantayan
Cimafranca Subdivision, Brgy. Bantayan
Dumaguete City – Negros Oriental
6200 Philippines

Landline: (035) 422 0972
Mobile: 0921 2075 005