Barangay Batinguel

Barangay Batinguel is with a population of more than 8.000 one of the biggest barrios in Dumaguete. Close to the city center, yet far enough away from the busy streets, the barangay is very attractive for middle class housing projects. The Barangay is divided in Lower- and Upper Batinguel. Where exactly Lower Batinguel ends and Upper starts, depending who you ask.
Adjacent barangays are to its east is Barangay Taclobo, to it west Barangay Candau-ay, to its north Barangay Motong and to its South is Barangay Junob.

A brief History of Batinguel

The word “batinguel’ literally means a type of hard stone. The story says that during the early part of our history the people of the barrio had that strong adherence of sectionalism. They were hostile to strangers. Strangers and visitors were stoned. The natives were also of the rebellious headed type of people. Hence, the people of the neighboring barrios and visitors called the barrio Batinguel. The word must have reference to the hardheadedness of the people and the stone actually used by the natives against visitors and strangers. Although the characteristics of the people must have already changed in the course of time, yet the name continued to live up to this time.

Batinguel Elementary School

The School is located at the western part of Dumaguete City. The distance to the center of Dumaguete City is roughly 4 kilometers. The school has an area of more or less 10,000 square meters with 14 buildings. The student count is over 1.000.

Barangay Fiesta: Every 19th of May – (Patron: San Jose)

Barangay Captain:

Frankie Sia Credo 

Councilors of Batinguel:

Nicolas Tablate Ramirez
Allan Salvoro Aranas
Bienvenido Balahan Patrocinio
Ramises Arabe Flores
Caroline Catan Amparado
Roger Oira Catan
Arnulfo Abol Catalan

SK Chairman: 
Lei Marie Daiella Montesa Tolentino

Address of the Barangay Batinguel:

Barangay Hall Batinguel
Palinpinon Road
Dumaguete City
6200 Philippines

Landline: (035) 226 – 2931
Mobile: (+63) 0919 8962 588

Barangay Hall of Batinguel is located in Palinpinon, on the way up to Terra Alta and Camila Homes. Beside the Barangay Hall is a Chapel , next to Basketball Court.

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