Restaurants in Dumaguete

Being hungry is one of the things which should not happen in the City of Gentle People. There is an abundance of Restaurants in Dumaguete and it is no problem to get food 24/7. The lack of Filipino Restaurants all around the globe -compared to other Asian cuisines- doesn’t do the local kitchen any justice. International visitors should check out some of the local restaurants to get a taste of the local delights. Even local visitors will find out that the regional twist on many dishes is usually mouthwatering. For those who want to stay on the safe side are enough Restaurants with international kitchen around downtown Dumaguete, mainly around the area of the Rizal Boulevard. In the center of the city as well as in the Robinsons Place are several fast food outlets for all who can’t survive without a Big Mac.

International Restaurants in Dumaguete

Most restaurants offering international cuisine are located downtown Dumaguete and at the Rizal Boulevard. Most are under European influence and offer German and Mediterranean cuisine like Casablanca Restaurant or a broad mix around the Globe like at Le Chalet. Mifune in Sta. Catalina Street offers Japanese Kitchen which is probably the closest to authentic Japanese food in whole Negros. Mexican inspired food can be found at the two branches of Mooon Café in Silliman Avenue and Robinsons Place. Read more about International Restaurants in Dumaguete.

Carinderias and Local Restaurants in Dumaguete

Filipinos love to eat and it would be a problem to walk five minutes through any village or city in the archipelago without passing any kind of food outlet. Most famous with locals are the simple eateries called Carinderias. A few pots with home-made dishes some plastic chairs around a table and there is your eatery. One simply lifts the lid of the pot, points out what dish he wants and adds some rice. The prices are low, the food yummy and the atmosphere unique. All dishes are of course also for take-away.

While locals and expats got used to this kind of food-outlets, foreign tourist might be a bit surprised about the hygiene in terms of food storage etc. They might better stick to the local restaurants in Dumaguete which offer Filipino food in a more “western” environment. Check out some Carinderias and Restaurants with Filipino food here.

Fast Food in Dumaguete

Like anywhere in the world, fast food made its way into daily life of the population. Dumaguete has several international Fast Food Restaurants as well as local fast food chain. The dishes are cheap, ready to eat and in many cases the rice is unlimited. Some of the fast food restaurants in Dumaguete are open around the clock, others open for breakfast and close at midnight or –if they are located at a mall- with the location.