Barangay Poblacion 1 – Tinago

Barangay 1 - Tinago Barangay Hall

Poblacion 1, also known under Barangay Tinago  or nowadays Barangay Uno is just south of the Rizal Boulevard. With a population just below 3,000, Tinago has the largest populationof the 8 barangays in the center of Dumaguete City.

Brief History of Tinago

Hundreds of years ago people in Dumaguete enjoyed the beauty of our seashore. Children would come along this place. Beautiful women would stroll on the beaches. Laughter and merrymaking could be heard. This happening was broken by the sudden arrival of the Moro pirates. They reach in our beaches and would attacked and capture our beautiful maidens and children to be sold to the other countries to be made as servants, slaves, and some to become wives. These happenings frightened the natives so much. Every time they can see “Moro Vintas” they ran right away and hide. The leader of the community constructed a high tower and assigned a watchman atop the tower to watch any “Moro vintas” visible in the seashore. If the watchman would see a “Moro Vintas” coming, he would ring the bell to alarm the people that a “Moro Vintas” is coming and upon knowing that the pirates are coming ashore, the people would ran away and hide to a place where they couldn’t be seen.

The watchman in this event will shout as loud as he could “Tago” “Tago“Tago”. The ladies and children would run away to a place where heavy nipa palm trees grow and hide. The palm trees grow near the beach. The people were used to this situation that every time they could hear “Tago” they go and hide. From that time on as the people would ask where you’re going, they would answer “Tago”. Over the years, the name converted into Tinago, the name used until present by locals for this barangay.

Barangay Fiesta: Every 1st Saturday of May (Parton Saint: Senior Santo Niño Y Sagrada Familia)

Barangay Captain:

Barangay Councilors of Poblacion 1 – Tinago:

Saulo Paul B. Baybay
Alfie D. Duran
Noel L. Dequito
Eduardo C. Eri
Jugemar Salud F. Cañete
Lew Francis M. Chiu

SK Chairman:
Ghix Manuel K. Blanco

Address Barangay Hall:

Poblacion 1 Multi Purpose Hall Tinago
Dumaguete City Negros Oriental           Landline: (035) 422 4090
Philippines, 6200                                      Mobile: +63 921 5149 626

Located just a few meters south of the Deparment of Social Welfare and Development. (DSWD-Building)