Diving in Siquijor

Siquijor Island is one of the most tranquil tourist destinations in the whole Philippine archipelago, since its appeal lies in its mystique and purportedly enchanted feel. However, visitors must not confuse the island as being boring, since it’s laid back side is just one side of the coin. The other side provides lots of opportunities to engage in intense or extreme physical activities, an example of which is diving. Most resorts on the Siquijor island offer professional diving centers and lessons from the local and international dive masters and instructors who know each sea creature by their nickname.

Diving in Siquijor

Diving in Siquijor is a hit because there are a lot of rich marine reserves in the island. The marine sanctuaries are mostly untouched, so guests could really get in touch with underwater nature and observe sea creatures in their natural habitat – the best way to observe them! The well-kept marine sanctuaries are sights to behold, so diving and snorkeling developed to be some of the most popular things to do for visitors of the island. It is noteworthy that Siquijor Island boasts of over 25 unique and stunning dive sites.

Some Dive Sites in Siquijor

The Tubod Marine Sanctuary is one of the most sought-after spots, since it boasts of over 7 hectares of teeming coral reef, seagrass beds, and fine sand in some areas. It is accessible from the Coco Grove Beach resort, so this resort may truly be appealing to guests who are into diving to marvel at underwater beauty. Spending some time underwater with fish also provides therapeutic help to guests who wish to spend time relaxing – after all, that is the whole purpose of going on a vacation away from home! With diving in Siquijor, it is inevitable to find rest and relaxation.

Paliton Wall on the south-east coast is also a popular site for diving in Siquijor. A shallow plateau drops vertically down to a depth beyond 30 meters at most places. This dive site is also accessible during a day-trip when staying in a Beach Resort in Dumaguete. The dive shops there organize usually 3-tank trips. The boatride from Dauin to Siquijor takes between 60 and 90 minutes.

Diving in Siquijor might not be as famous as diving in Apo Island. However, if you have the right guide who actually knows the places and not only the entry and exit points is does not need to hide behind the better known dive destination.

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