SSS Dumaguete – Social Security System

Republic of the Philippines Social Security System Branch (or simply called SSS) in Dumaguete City is located at Valencia Road – Lower Bagacay next to the Building of National Statistics Office (NSO). Dumaguete SSS is open from Monday to Friday start at 7:00am to 5:00pm no noon time break.

SSS Dumaguete

SSS Dumaguete offers several services, from becoming a member to apply for a salary loan.

List of Primary & Secondary Documents

  • Baptismal certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • Professional regulation Commission card

(in the absent of primary documents, submit two of the following:)

  • Alien Certificate of Registration
  • ATM Card with the cardholder’s name the issuing bank, if without the card holder’s name
  • Bank Account Passbook
  • Birth/Baptismal certificate of Children
  • Certificate from :
  • office of the Southern/Northern Cultural Communities
  • Office of Muslim Affairs
  •  Certificate of Licensure/Qualification Book from the Maritime Industry Authority
  • Certificate of Naturalization from the Bureau of Immigration
  • Company ID
  • Company Representative Authorization card issued by SSS
  • Credit Card
  • Fisherman’s card issued by the Bureau of Fisheries & Aquatic resources
  • GSIS Card
  • GSIS Certificate of membership
  • Health of Medical Card
  • ID Card Issued by the Local Government Units (e.g. Barangay/Municipality/City)
  • ID Card issued by professional associations recognized by the Professional Regulation Commission
  • Life Insurance Policy
  • Marriage Contract
  •  Membership Card issued by private companies

How to Get a SSS Number

For Employee and House helper

  • Get SSS Form E-1 from the Counter/Forms
  • Fill Up the form using black ink pen
  • Get priority number from the guard
  • Be seated and wait until your number is called
  • Submit the filled-up form to the Counter together with the copy of your birth or baptismal certificate.

For Self Employed and Overseas Filipino Workers or OFW

  • Get SSS form RS-1/OW-1 from counter/form
  • Fill Up the form using black ink pen
  • Get priority number from the guard
  • Be seated and wait until your number is called
  • Submit the filled-up form to the Counter together with the copy of your birth or baptismal certificate.

How to Change the data in your Membership Record

Change of Civil Status

    • Get SSS Form E-4 from the counter/forms
    • Fill Up the form Using black ink pen
    • Get priority number from the guard
    • Be seated and wait until your number is called*Submit the filled –up form to the counter together with the copy of your marriage contract.

Here are more changes the SSS Dumaguete which might be changed on your membership record.

  • Correction of name and date of birth
  • Additional or change of dependents / Beneficiaries

At the SSS Dumaguete Branch one can also file the following:

  • Sickness, Maternity and Disability Claim
  • Funeral, Death and Retirement Claim
  • Salary loan application
  • ER-3/ Loans Repayment
  • SSS Digitized Identification Card / ID Card
SSS Dumaguete

Dumaguete SSS posted the steps of how to accomplish desired applications for their services as well as the officers Chart to people see in what counter number they have to go and submit their application form and Requirements.

Dumaguete SSS has PE Center with Dr. Bienvenido L. Yap Jr. a Medical specialist 2, for Medical Evaluation for filing Sickness, Maternity and Disability Claim is with SB Clerk Hyacinth Kate A. Derrama.

Dr.Lilani B. Benedian, the branch head of SSS Dumaguete give us the time to answers some of our concern regarding SSS.

Here is the Dumaguete Citizen’s Charter to see which Counter you approach for your purpose.

Dumaguete SSS Office

Location and Contacts of SSS Dumaguete:

SSS Dumaguete Branch
Jose Romero Road
(Valencia Road Lower Bagacay)
Dumaguete City 6200
email address:
Landline: (035) 225 – 6810
Fax. (035) 422 – 0134

Note: SSS Dumaguete is Next to the Building of National Statistics Office (NSO) is a private run website, sharing information we gathered from the offices.
We are NOT the SSS office!
For more information, get in touch with the SSS branch!

17 replies
  1. Erna teeple
    Erna teeple says:

    I am so disappointment how our government and employees in Dumaguete how they process the documents like my mom need sss ID for her passport I’m trying to petition her here in united state she applied to get her sss I’d since March until now we’re still waiting, please Lang Baka makarating Ito Kay president at akala ko ba pag ganitong government papers should be atlease 72 hours processing only….

  2. Mardie Gudmalin
    Mardie Gudmalin says:

    I have been contacting sss via phone and e-mail regarding the tracking number of my cheque in order to locate it. However, person in the office is not helping me with the tracking number and was advice to send an email to However, sending email will not give you any response from sss. I’ve been waiting for 1 month and 1 week for my cheque to arrive now as I address it in my home. Can you please assist me with this? It is very inconvenience for us waiting for nothing.

  3. Roman B. Rusiana
    Roman B. Rusiana says:

    Good day, I want to follow up the monthly pension of my father Roman B. Rusiana with SSS # 02-05290 75-4 coz He didn’t report after his birthday last august 24 because of the covid so his monthly pension until now was not released. Kindly follow up to your office! Thanks

    • Daisy
      Daisy says:

      Good day!
      We are NOT the SSS Office. All information regarding the contact number and address can be found in the article above. Good luck & stay safe!
      Kind Regards,

  4. Alexander D. Zamora
    Alexander D. Zamora says:

    Enquire kang ko sa akong September pension kay until now WALA pag gihapon mo sulod, ngutana ko unsay problema. Salamat.

      • Kim
        Kim says:

        kaya nga nag tanong ako dba na kung updated ba yan. kasi nakita ko mga comment nasa 2016 pa eh 2021 na. nagtatanong lang po sa post nyo. alam ko d kayo sss pro nagpost kayo.

        • Daisy
          Daisy says:

          I hope you are aware that you are commenting on a reply that is not related to the discussion. If you read Alexander D. Zamora’s comment, siya po ay nag inquire if ang “September pension kay until now WALA pag gihapon mo sulod”. We can not answer that since we are not the SSS office. That is exactly what we told our commenter.

          Nalilito po kami bakit kayo an irita.

  5. Gary Hopkins
    Gary Hopkins says:

    I need an ID card I already belong to SSS, Philhealth and pag ibig but I don’t have my birth certificate in the Philippines and it costs PHP 26000 to order a copy.


    Hi, I can’t help but comment on how slow and frustrating the process of filing and waiting for a maternity benefit claim is. for the 9th time, it was rejected for the same reason. All the instructions were carefully followed but still to no avail. I went to your good office to ask for help but it’s been two weeks now and still no response about my benefit claim application. Still, processing for the 10th time? for real?

    • Rosario - DC-Team
      Rosario - DC-Team says:

      Dear Mary Grace,
      If you understood and followed the instructions of the application the same way you understand this help page (and the big bold red letters at the end of the article), we are not surprised, that your applications failed.

      What in God the Almighty´s wide wonderful world make you think that is the SSS office? FOR REAL?

  7. Erlinda Penalosa
    Erlinda Penalosa says:

    hi, asawa ako ni Antonio Penalosa itanong ko lang kong my record ba siya sa SSS? hindi kasi ako makapunta personally kasi nasa malayo ako, kaya ifollow up ko lang online. salamat


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