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Amlan Fiesta Celebration 2017 Budyas Festival

Budyas Festival and Tandayag Amlan Fiesta 2017

The Budyas Festival and Amlan Fiesta 2017 will be celebrated from June 11 to June 29, 2017. Click here to see all the schedules activities of events.

Miss Amlan 2016 winner

Miss Amlan 2016

Miss Amlan 2016 was a beauty pageant held just after we celebrated the Sandurot Festival and the Dumaguete City Fiesta. here some pictures of the event

Amlan Fiesta 2016

Amlan Fiesta 2016 – Negros Oriental

The celebrations of the Amlan Fiesta 2016 might not appear to be very intense, however,you can rest assured that Amlananons know how to party

Amlan Way Boga Festival 2016

Wayboga Festival 2016 – Amlan – Negros Oriental

The Wayboga Festival 2016 of Municipality of Amlan was held for the 5th time. The festivities are held to celebrate the smoke-free community.

Wayboga Festival 2016 Amlan

Wayboga Festival 2016

7th year Anniversary of Smoke Free Amlan and Wayboga Festival 2016 celebration is held this coming weekend. The theme for the 2016 celebration is: “Smoke- Free Amlan Ipadayon ang Kaayuhan ug Kalambuan sa tanan”

Miss Amlan 2015

Miss Amlan 2015

Despite the rather small stage and the limited space we highly enjoyed the Miss Amlan 2015 beauty pageant immense. All intermissions were kept short and the candidates were the absolute center of activity.

Amlan Zoo & Nature and Adventure Park

Amlan Adventure Park Soft Opening

Saturday saw the soft opening of the Amlan Nature and Adventure Park. Even the mayor of Dumaguete City dropped by to congratulate Amlan’s mayor Benthean Dela Cruz and all the busy hands for their achievement.

Amlan Fiesta 2015

Amlan Fiesta 2015

The municipality of Amlan is about to celebrate their annual celebrations. Thanks to the 2015 Amlan Fiesta Directorate for providing us the 2015 Amlan Fiesta Schedule of Activities

Wayboga Festival Amlan

Wayboga Festival 2015 in Amlan

Overall the Wayboga Festival 2015 in Amlan was a successful day of celebrating the 6th Anniversary of the smoke-free municipality. We met fantastic people and gathered a lot of information which we will publish soon on our Amlan section of Dumaguete.com

Wayboga Festival - Amlan

Wayboga Festival – Amlan

Wayboga Festival - Amlan

Short, but intense is the celebration of the municipality of Amlan Smoke Free 6th year Anniversary and Wayboga Festival 2015

Theme: “Ang Tanan Malipayon KOn ang Kahimsog sa Katawahan sa Amlan Magpadayon”
(“Everybody’s Happy when Amlanganons continue to stay Healthy”)

Friday July 17 2015

Activities in the Morning:
6:30 AM Salabong Parade at Bio-os crossing to Amlan Plaza , Tandayag Wharf to Amlan Plaza
8:00 AM Program at Amlan Central Square

Afternoon Activities:
2:30 PM Wayboga Street Dance Competition in front of the Municipal Hall

Evening Activities:
7:00 PM Showdown 4 High School on the Municipality
7:00 PM Wayboga Princess 7 Elementary School in the municipality
11:00 PM Disco

Happy Anniversary – Amlan