Miss Amlan 2016

Miss Amlan 2016 Production

Miss Amlan 2016 was a beauty pageant held just after we celebrated the Sandurot Festival and the Dumaguete City Fiesta. Thanks to Escosas Bar & Resort we could drive to Amlan and relax by the pool, having some yummy food and a cold mango shake before heading to the gym, where the pageant took place. Announced at 8pm it was ten minutes to ten until the event started. The audience didn’t care about the delay very much, and many used the chance to refresh with a bottle of “Red Horse” or 3, while waiting for the show to start with the eight candidates and their production number.

An event like this would not be possible without many helping hands in front and behind the scenes. Here are some pictures from those who helped to make Miss Amlan 2016 successful.

Miss Amlan 2016 Casual Attire

After a short intermission, the eight ladies chanced into their casual attire and made their return to the stage.

Miss Amlan 2016 Bikini

The Bikini round, or how it was announced, the swim wear round was as usual the highlight. One could see that some candidates didn’t feel very comfortable and ran almost across the stage, just to get off as fast as possible, while others seem to know what it takes to impress the judges and took their time to grant all a good look in their trained body in this sexy attire.

Miss Amlan 2016 Bikini

Miss Amlan 2016 Gown

While most contests have a color/theme,, at Miss Amlan 2016 each candidate could wear the color they think they look best in. Look at the pictures and be your own judge who did this job the best.

Congratulations Miss Amlan 2016

Miss Amlan 2016
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