Wayboga Festival – Amlan

Wayboga Festival - Amlan

Short, but intense is the celebration of the municipality of Amlan Smoke Free 6th year Anniversary and Wayboga Festival 2015

Theme: “Ang Tanan Malipayon KOn ang Kahimsog sa Katawahan sa Amlan Magpadayon”
(“Everybody’s Happy when Amlanganons continue to stay Healthy”)

Friday July 17 2015

Activities in the Morning:
6:30 AM Salabong Parade at Bio-os crossing to Amlan Plaza , Tandayag Wharf to Amlan Plaza
8:00 AM Program at Amlan Central Square

Afternoon Activities:
2:30 PM Wayboga Street Dance Competition in front of the Municipal Hall

Evening Activities:
7:00 PM Showdown 4 High School on the Municipality
7:00 PM Wayboga Princess 7 Elementary School in the municipality
11:00 PM Disco

Happy Anniversary – Amlan

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