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Amlan is one of the twenty municipalities and five cities that make up the Negros Oriental province in the Central Visayas of the Philippines. The Island of Negros, divided into Negros Oriental and Negros Occidental, lies to the south of Manila and west-southwest of the regional capital, Cebu City. Located on the eastern coast of Negros Oriental, the town faces the Tañon Strait in the east. Neighbors of Amlan are Tanjay City to the north, San Jose to the south and Pamplona to the west. Dumaguete City, the provincial capital, is 21 km. to the south. Amlan is administratively divided into eight barangays or districts. It is connected by a well-paved road to Dumaguete City.

Amlan - Official Seal

Amlan has a population of 22,206 according to the 2010 census, spread over an area of 111.85 square kilometers, giving it a population density of 200 people per square kilometers.Like in all cities and municipalities in this region the dry season extending from February to April or mid-May. March and April are the hottest months while November and December are the coolest. The heaviest rain falls from June to August. The temperature ranges from 26 to 28 degrees Centigrade while relative humidity is between 77 to 80 percent.

Brief History of Amlan

Mention of Amlan is found in the chronicles of the nineteenth-century historian Licino Ruiz. The settlement was named after “Alman”, a variety of guava that was found abundantly in the area. By 1800 the Aetas, who were the native people of the area, were driven out from the wide fertile valleys and into the surrounding hills by migrants from Cebu and Bohol provinces. In 1840 it became a settlement under Tanjay parish, from which it became independent in 1848. In 1912 it was named New Ayuquitan. In 1953, the settlement was divided into the two municipalities of Amlan and San Jose.

Getting to Amlan

Known for its wildlife and exotic animals, Amlan Zoo is a tourist attraction not only for Negros but also for locals themselves.

Traveling from Dumaguete to Amlan will take about forty-five minutes or an hour via a Ceres Bus. Air-conditioned bus rides will cost about Php 40.00 while regular non-air conditioned bus rides will cost about Php 30.00 only.

Another way to get to Amlan from Dumaguete is by riding a v-hire (van for hire). Traveling time usually takes only forty-five minutes and will cost about Php 30.00 only.

Festivals in Amlan

The primarily Roman Catholic people of Amlan celebrate the Feast day or Fiesta of their Patron Saint, St. Andrew, on November 30. It is a double celebration, as that day is also Andres Bonifacio Day, which is a national holiday. There is street dancing and dance competitions are also held. The fishermen of Amlan celebrate the Budyas Festival, which begins with the traditional blessing of the implements and tools used in the fishing trade on the Tandayag pier and ends with an elaborately decorated fleet of boats ferrying the image of the Patron Saint to the chapel in Tandayag North. The town also takes regularly part in the Buglasan Festival, the “festival of festivals” celebrated in Dumaguete City in the second week of October. This festival brings together the achievements and cultural heritage of Negros Oriental, and Amlan also puts up its own booth and float, along with the other towns and municipalities. Amlan’s biggest Festival is the Wayboga Festival. It is celebrated every 17th of July.

Wayboga Festival Amlan

Places of Interest and Tourist Attractions in Amlan

The Church of St. Andrew the Apostle, which reportedly took fifty years to complete and was opened to the public in 1853.The picturesque ruins of the watch towers in Buswang and near the mouth of the Amlan river, built to alert the locals about the approach of the Moros or Muslim pirates who has raided the area frequently at one time.Places of natural beauty such as the serene Tambojangin River where one can take a swim, and the Naibid Falls in Jantianon. Dolphin watching cruises in the Tañon Strait.

  • Bio-os
  • Jantianon
  • Jugno
  • Mag-abo
  • Poblacion
  • Silab
  • Tambojangin
  • Tandayag


Amlan produces coconut, sugarcane and other high value crops such as mango. Fishing is a major industry.Cottage industries include bamboo furniture, baskets and mats.Fuel and LPG supply for Negros Oriental is stored in nearby depots. The hydro-electric power plant of the National Power Corporation located in Amlan supplies power to Negros Occidental and to Cebu island by submersible cable.

The municipality has initiated Diversified Resources for an Ecological Amlan Development (DREAmlanD) Integrated programs to improve the livelihood of the local people and to preserve the ecology of the area. There are programs extending from Coastal resource management to reforestation programs, along with eco-tourism and sports tourism initiatives to add to the economy.

Public Schools in Amlan

Public Elementary Schools in Amlan

All information about public schools were provided by the DepEd Negros Oriental
Amlan Central Elementary SchoolCantalina Elementary SchoolPanusuan Elementary School
Aurelio Ibero Memorial Elementary School Jantianon Elementary SchoolSilab Elementary School
Bio-os Elementary SchoolMartin Benjamin Memorial Elementary School Tandayag Elementary School
Cañete Elementary School

Public High Schools in Amlan

Useful Contacts of Municipality of Amlan

Amlan Municipal Mayor: Manjoe Sycip
Amlan Municipal Vice Mayor: Allan Tan
Amlan Municipality Hall:
Mobile: 0917 637 4692
Amlan LGU Email address:
Amlan Mayor Manjoe Sycip office: (035) 527 1580,
Mobile: +63917 314 1831
Tourism Amlan Office:
John John Seit Alabata Mobile: to +639171345288
Amlan Municipal Information Officer Designate:
Mr. Rannie Bigno Mobile: +63955 933 7291
Amlan Health Center: Tel:  +63977 816 7644
Amlan Rural Health Unit: 0917 3141 801
Amlan Ambulance: +639059466555; and +639169100718
Amlan Rescue/ Disaster Risk Reduction Management (DRRM) : Mobile: +63906 646 5312
Amlan Police Station Hotline:
(035) 417 0065 or 0917 634 9162, 0905 2175 072, 0910 840 5743
Amlan Fire Station: (035) 417 0365 or Mobile  +6397 804 3965
Amlan Police Station Address: Poblasion Amlan Negros Oriental, Philippines

Amlan DepEd Supervisor: mobile: 09176733745
Amlan National High School (ANHS) Principal:
Mobile : +63920 526 2553,  +63917 897 0901
Mobile: +63917 314 1831
ACES Principal: Mobile:
Amlan Barangay Bio-os Captain Jaime B. Rosales:
obile: +639177247403
Amlan Barangay Jantianon Captain Mauro Q. Sienes :
Amlan Barangay  Mag-abo Captain Ma. Ludy Ceceban:
Amlan Barangay  Poblacion Poblacion Captain Glendon C. Nochefranca: Mobile: +639268771587
Amlan Barangay Silab: Captain Angelberto P. Sibul
Amlan Barangay Tambojangin Captain Edmund Y. Ramirez:
Amlan DreAmland Nature Adventure Park Matthew Silorio :
Mobile: +639063419426
Amlan Smoke-Free Office : May Ann Abjelina
Mobile: +639165029720