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Miss Silliman 2023 – Talent and Coronation Night

Miss Silliman 2023 marks the 77th Miss Silliman. Ten lovely candidates, one title. Who will be the new queen? Read more & see gallery here!

Miss Silliman 2022 - Coronation Night - Production Number

Miss Silliman 2022 – Coronation Night

Nine lovely candidates participated in the search for the 76th Miss Silliman (Miss Silliman 2022). Click here to read more & view gallery!

Video of Miss Silliman 2022 – Preliminary

Miss Silliman 2022 Preliminary Competition was held last August 20, 2022 at the Claire Isabel McGill Luce Auditorium. Watch video here!

Miss Silliman 2022 Pre-Pageant

The Miss Silliman 2022 Pre-Pageant night was held last August 20, 2022. Click here to read more and see pictures!

Miss Silliman 2018

Miss Silliman 2018 Coronation Night last August 24, 2018, marked the 72nd search for a deserving Silliman woman. Read more and see the gallery here!

Miss Silliman 2017

Miss Silliman 2017

Miss Silliman 2017 Coronation Pageant Night was held last night at Lamberto Macias Sports Complex. Eleven candidates, one crown. See gallery here.

Miss Silliman 2015

Miss Silliman 2015

The Miss Silliman 2015 Coronation Night was held on August 24, 2015 in the Lamberto Macias Sports and Cultural complex. A full packed house witnessed 12 enthusiastic contestants from different colleges competing for the title on an evening many won’t forgett

Miss Silliman 2015 Pre-Pageant

Miss Silliman 2015 – Pre-Pageant

The Miss Silliman 2015 – Pre-Pageant was held on Thursday evening at the Luce Auditorium. Despite the Eath Day Event taking place at the same time at the boulevard, the auditorium was packed with cheerful supporters.

Miss Silliman 2014 - Coronation Night

Miss Silliman 2014 – Coronation Night

Last night was the Miss Silliman 2014 Coronation night at the Lamberto Macias Sports Complex. While the event was not sold out, and some seats remained empty, it was still a good crowed, which supported their favourites in a frenetic way with cheers, lights, banners and all kind of “noise-makers”. After the last judge finally arrived and was introduced the show started with the presentation of the stunning candidates who ran for the crown of Miss Silliman 2014.

Miss Silliman 2014 – Presentation of the Candidates

Miss Silliman 2014

At this point a quick thank you to all organizers, artists, announcers and sponsors. Without them an event like the Miss Silliman Coronation Night would not be possible. Some of them are in the next little gallery:

For the sake of political correctness, the swim-wear round is almost not existing at beauty pageants in Dumaguete. No difference here. The contestants had to choose a Zodiac Sign and presented themselves in a kind of costueme according their choice.

Miss Silliman Candidates as Zodiac Signs

Miss Silliman 2014

After another more or rather less thrilling intermission number, the candidates finally presented themselves in their stunning evening gowns.

Miss Silliman 2014 – Evening Gown

Miss Silliman 2014



Congratulations Miss Silliman 2014 – Sophia Diago


Miss Silliman 2013

Miss Silliman 2014 Pre- Pageant

Miss Silliman Pageant is a yearly activity of Silliman University, until we discovered it is the  longest running beauty pageant of its kind in Asia. The Miss Silliman pre-pageant was held yesterday at the Claire Isabel McGill Luce Auditorium on the University campus. Even a short power interruption could not stop the enthusiasm of the ten candidates and the audience.

Miss Silliman 2013

Pictures of Miss Silliman 2014 Pre- Pageant

First some pictures from the presentation of the stunning young ladies.

At this point a “Thank You ” to all organizers, participants, announcers, judges and all involved. Without their effort a succsessfull event like the Miss Silliman 2014 Pre- Pageant would not be possilble.

Next was the talent round:

Last but not least the candidates for Miss Silliman 2014 were asked to deliver a short speech about their advocacy.