Best Cities in Europe to Explore on Foot

Best Cities in Europe to Explore on Foot

The Motel One hotel chain has used a list of criteria to find ten cities in Europe that are best experienced on foot. We present these cities to you in more detail and explain why they are the best places to enjoy 20Bet Philippınes.

To create the ranking, Motel One first identified the most popular European cities. To do this, the hotel chain looked at Google trends, popular tourist attractions and passenger numbers.

To find out which cities are particularly suitable for walkers, Motel One then analysed the number of sights and the distances between the attractions. All cities included in the ranking have at least five major attractions. These are so close together that you can walk to them all in 30 to 90 minutes.

The final ranking is based on the exact duration and length of the sightseeing route as well as the difference in altitude. Incidentally, two German cities are also represented in this ranking.


1st place: Bruges in Belgium

Bruges takes first place in the ranking. First place goes to the Belgian city of Bruges. Of the most popular European cities, this is the best one to explore on foot. Here you can lose yourself in the 14th century architecture, visit a beer museum or stroll along one of the many canals. The mediaeval market square, the world’s first French fries museum and the chocolate museum are also among the city’s most popular attractions.

2nd place: Manchester in England

Manchester, a former industrial center of England, is in second place. You can find out how the city developed into a textile center in the 18th century at the Museum of Science and Industry. This also impresses from the outside with its imposing architecture. As a soccer city, Manchester also has the National Football Museum. The oldest public library of all English-speaking countries and the cathedral are also within easy walking distance.

3rd place: Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt am Main is particularly known for its modern architecture and skyline. Frankfurt am Main is a well-known and popular destination for international tourists. And you don’t need a car or public transport to visit this city either. The Städel Museum, the Main, the Iron Footbridge, the Römer town hall complex and the cathedral tower – you can reach all these attractions on a route of just 2.6 kilometers.

4th and 5th place: Dubrovnik and Leipzig

In Dubrovnik, you can combine a city trip with a vacation by the sea. In fourth place is the Croatian city of Dubrovnik. Here you can marvel at the ruins of the former city wall, numerous churches and the old main gate. You also have a beautiful view of the rocky landscape and the open sea from the city. The only thing that might be a bit of a challenge is the difference in altitude: it is 69 meters and is mainly noticeable in the city due to the numerous steps.

Leipzig takes fifth place in the ranking. It is the opposite of Dubrovnik in terms of difference in altitude. Because there are hardly any climbs here. In the eastern German city, you can therefore reach various sights quickly and without much effort on foot. These include the New Town Hall, the romantic market square, the Bach Museum, the Leipzig Zoo, and the City History Museum.

6th and 7th place: Zurich and Venice

The winding streets of Venice are best explored on foot. Zurich offers numerous beautiful views due to its location alone. The city is located in the north of Switzerland on the lake of the same name. The Grossmünster, the Münsterbrücke and the Frauenmünster complete the panorama. The opera house and Rieter Park are also definitely worth a visit.

Venice is best known for its winding alleyways and numerous small canals. In fact, you can discover the city particularly well on foot, as there are many small and large bridges to make your way around. The magic of the city naturally emanates from the winding paths, the romantic old houses and the gondolas. But you shouldn’t miss the many imposing churches, the Museum of Modern Art and the famous Rialto Bridge on your walk.

8th, 9th and 10th place: Amsterdam, Milan & Prague

Prague is best known for the famous Charles Bridge. The last three places are also home to European cities worth seeing.

Eighth place goes to Amsterdam. History and art lovers in particular will get their money’s worth here. The Oude Kerk (Old Church), the oldest building in the city, the Van Gogh Museum, the Rembrandthuis and the Anne Frank House are among the most famous sights.

The fashion capital Milan is in ninth place. The impressive Milan Cathedral is one of the world’s largest cathedrals and is one of the Italian city’s top attractions. The Botanical Gardens, the Fontana di Piazza Castello fountain, the Science and Technology Museum and the Academy of Fine Arts are also worth a visit.

The Czech capital of Prague takes tenth place in the ranking. You can also easily explore it on foot. You can experience the romantic panorama of the city from the Petrin Tower. Once in Prague, you should definitely cross the Charles Bridge over the Vltava River. From there you have a good view of the Prague Town Hall clock. You can also visit Prague Castle and the Miniature Museum on your walk on the same day.