Miss Silliman 2022

Coronation Night

The Miss Silliman 2022 Coronation Night was held last August 26, 2022, at the Lamberto Macias Sports and Cultural Complex. Nine lovely candidates participated in the search for the 76th Miss Silliman. A week before the coronation, the candidate also had the Press Launch and the Preliminary Competition held last August 17 and 20, respectively.

Production Number

The show started just a few minutes past seven o’clock in the evening with a prayer and the singing of the national anthem. After that, the candidates graced the stage with a lively production number. The ladies danced to a pop music as they smiled before the loud and ever supportive crowd. Different departments from Silliman University cheered for their favored candidate with signage, lights, balloons, horns, trumpets, and even drums! Like I said…a loud and ever supportive crowd.

Following the production number is a quick wardrobe change for their “statement attire”. Unlike other years in the Miss Silliman Pageant, the candidates did not wear a festive outfit. Instead, they wore a statement attire that reflects their chosen advocacy. Of course, their designs had some color, however, their main outfit is a simple white body suit or a just a suit. Let the attire speak for themselves:

Evening Gown

Next in the competition was evening gown. The ladies wore their bright red dresses with elegance and sophistication as they parade the stage. After they showed off their beautiful gowns, the ladies had to do a picture analysis. Similar to the usual question and answer portion, the ladies are shown a picture and they can analyze and give their opinion about it. During the middle of the picture analysis of one if the candidate, the power went out. Fortunately, the power was back after almost half and hour and the sow resumed. Once each of the candidates go their turn to answer, they went backstage to rest as the crowd was entertained by a few intermission numbers. Not long after the top 5 winners were announced. After that, the final question was asked.

Congratulations Miss Silliman 2022!

Angelica Faith T. Generoso from the College of Nursing

With the coordination with the Miss Silliman Committee, the DC-Team were able to cover the event with ease. Special thanks to then for allowing us to cover the different Miss Silliman events. See you next year!