Miss Silliman 2014 Pre- Pageant

Miss Silliman Pageant is a yearly activity of Silliman University, until we discovered it is the  longest running beauty pageant of its kind in Asia. The Miss Silliman pre-pageant was held yesterday at the Claire Isabel McGill Luce Auditorium on the University campus. Even a short power interruption could not stop the enthusiasm of the ten candidates and the audience.

Miss Silliman 2013

Pictures of Miss Silliman 2014 Pre- Pageant

First some pictures from the presentation of the stunning young ladies.

At this point a “Thank You ” to all organizers, participants, announcers, judges and all involved. Without their effort a succsessfull event like the Miss Silliman 2014 Pre- Pageant would not be possilble.

Next was the talent round:

Last but not least the candidates for Miss Silliman 2014 were asked to deliver a short speech about their advocacy.


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