Miss Silliman 2023

Talent & Coronation Night

Miss Silliman 2023 - Production Number

The Miss Silliman 2023 marks the 77th Miss Silliman, making it the longest school-based pageant in Asia. In celebration of the Silliman Founder’s Day, ten lovely candidates from the different departments participated in this year’s pageant. This includes the College of Nursing, School of Medicine, Senior High School, College of Performing and Visual Arts, College of Engineering and Design, Institute of Rehabilitative Sciences, College of Mass Communication, Institute of Clinical and Laboratory Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business Administration.

Speech and Talent Night

The Preliminary Night composed of the speech and talent portion of the competition. This was held last August 18, 2023 at Claire Isabel McGill Luce Auditorium. Each of the candidates prepared a speech regarding their advocacies in relation to winning the title as Miss Silliman 2023. Aside from that, they also had to prepare a quick talent portion showcasing their singing and dancing skills.

Miss Silliman 2023
Coronation Night

The Coronation Night was held last August 26, 2023 at Lamberto Macias Sports and Cultural Complex. Hundreds if not thousands of students, parents, and guests attended the grand event. Each department brought their own flags, lights, drums, horns and other noise making devices just to show support to their favorite candidate.

With the smooth organization of the Miss Silliman Committee, the show started past seven o’clock and went on a fast pace. First the production number. Then followed by the statement wear. Now you might wonder, what is a “statement wear”? It is an attire put together by the students and handlers themselves portraying a certain issue that is relevant to today’s society.

After that, a quick picture analysis was made to determine the top 5 of the competition. Each candidate had to give their own input and opinion regarding each picture flashed on the screen. It was the most awaited portion of the competition, since it showcases the wits and confidence of each ladies on stage.

The next portion of the competition was the evening gown. Each lady graced the stage in their beautiful fire-red gowns. The top 5 candidates were chosen and not long, the final question was asked. A few intermission numbers were put on stage to give time as the judges picked the rightful winner.

Congratulations to the Miss Silliman 2023 Winners!

Miss Silliman 2023 - Royal Court