Miss Silliman 2017

Coronation Night

Miss Silliman 2017 - Dumaguete City

Silliman University is celebrating their 116th Silliman University Founder’s Day with different highlight events including the search for Miss Silliman 2017. The competition for both wits and beauty was participated by 11 lovely candidates from the different courses and levels of the school. The pre-pageant was held last August 17 while the coronation night was held on August 25, 2017 at the Lamberto Macias Sports Complex.

The show might have been a few minutes delayed from the announced time, however, the pageant went without a doubt to a fast climax. It was a remarkable show organized by the Silliman School Government and staff.

The show kicked off with the respective prayers and National Anthem. It was show time! The audience shouted and cheered like crazy as the candidates entered the stage with their production attire. The reading the guidelines of the competition was read afterward.

Goddesses of Epitome

After knowing the candidates, it was time to showcase their grace and beauty through the themed costume attire of “Goddesses of Epitome”. The costumes are closely related to festival attires and are very eye-catching. The epitome shown by the candidates includes epitome of nurture, art, trustworthiness, stability, healing, truth, youth, wisdom, innovation, strength and integrity.

Evening Gowns and Questions

As a Miss Silliman, one must have beauty in the outside and smartness in the inside. The question and answer portion of the show is known to be the most critical part of a pageant. Good to say, all the candidates answered their questions with grace and certainty.

Miss Silliman 2017

After the first elimination of the question answer will pick the top five candidates who were able to answer their question will be taken to the next level of the competition and pass another question answer also known as the “golden question”. But before that, the candidates paraded the stage in their white evening gowns.

With different favorites, it was hard to choose who would win the crown. Leaving the decision to the judges, it was time to announce the new Miss Silliman of 2017.

Congratulations Miss Silliman 2017!

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