Sandurot 2014 – Street Dance & Showdown

Hot – Hotter – Sandurot 2014 Street Dance Parade. The sun was burning down at 3:00pm, when the participants of the streetdance parade started moving from Portal West via Perdices- and Real Street back to Quezon Park where later the Showdown took place.  All spectators who were not busy finding a spot on in the shade or boiling eggs on the street saw some great performances of all participating schools.

Sandurot 2014 – Street Dance Competition

Sandurot Street Dance Parade

Sandurot Festival 2014 – Showdown

The national Broadcast of Sky Cable was probably the reason that the Showdown of this years Sandurot Festival started perfectly in time on 5:00 pm. Bottomline, it can be done!  Maybe the organizers of the Miss Dumaguete Coronation Night should take a seminar at Sky Cable how to plan ad execute a fast paced event, instead of stretching a little over 5 hours.

Sandurot Festival 2014 - Showdown

The seven contingents did great and the cheers of the audience grew louder from contestant to contestant.

Showdown -Sandurot Festival 2014

Last but not least one pictures we can’t leave out and our definite winner for best picture of the Sandurot 2014 Showdown.
Showdown -Sandurot Festival 2014

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