Hambabalud Festival 2016

Hambabalud Festival

Hambabalud Festival is the well known brand name of the Sinulog sa Jimalalud. The showdown of the Hambabalud Festival 2016 took place after Street Dancing competition in the City Gym. The enthusiasm of the contingents was just as high as it was earlier that day. With more space and more props it was a colorful and great performance which was watched not only by VIPs from all over the province but uncountable spectators around the gym.

While pictures never can capture the action of this incredible performances, it is a bigger problem if there is no natural light anymore. Due the delayed start of the street dancing and the well deserved break for the dancers it was already pretty dark in the gym. Therefore, the colors don’t come out as they actually should. However, we hope that you still enjoy our shots of the Hambabalud Festival Showdown 2016 in Jimalalud.

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