Miss Valencia 2014 Feista

Miss Valencia 2014 – Talent Night

Celebrating Fiesta in the Philippines usually means a Beauty Pageant is part of it. This time we went to the municipality of Valencia and covered the Miss Valencia 2014 (Muyta ng Valencia) Talent night.

It was only 15 minutes late starting which need to be said on a positive note considering the miserable weather conditions and endless rain everybody had to fight with during the preparation. Here some pictures of:

Miss Valencia 2014 – Talent Night

Miss Valencia

Miss Valencia 2014 Feista

The awarding of Best in Talent

Three contestant have been chosen to be the Top 3 for this part of the competition. The awarding for tittle Miss Valencia 2014 as well as the major awards will be announced at the Pageant Night, October 10 at Municipal Gym of Valencia.

Here are the photos of the Miss Valencia 2014 candidates in their cocktail dress:


NORSU – Mr & Ms CBA 2014

NORSU - Mr & Ms CBA 2014

Once again we were guests at the NORSU Gym for a beauty pageant. This time 10 candidates competed for the Mr. & Ms CBA 2014 title. CBA stands for College of Business Administration.  One aspect which makes these smaller contests very enjoyable is the audience. They are not just sitting and staring at the stage, they start cheering for their favourtites already an hour before the actual contest starts. One thing which is the same at each beauty pageants is the tension backstage before the competition starts.

NORSU – Mr & Ms CBA 2014 – Production Number

NORSU - Miss CBA 2014

NORSU – Mister & Miss CBA 2014 Business Attire and Talent

Mr & Ms CBA 2014 Candidates  in Official Attire and Gowns


NORSU - Miss CBA 2014

And the Winner is…

NORSU - Miss CBA 2014

Congratulations Mr & Ms CBA 2014

Mr & Miss CBA 2014

Mister & Miss NOHS 2014

Mister & Miss NOHS 2014

Mister & Miss NOHS 2014

The search for Mister & Miss NOHS 2014 was nothing short of a huge success. The 10 competing candidates were prepared, the stage was set and the audience was cheerful. Thousands of students screaming their heart out for their favorites already one hour before the event started. That was also the time when we were allowed to sneak backstage to take some pictures of the candidates getting the last touches and advices.

Backstage at Mister & Miss NOHS 2014

Mister & Miss NOHS 2014

Finally the show started with the production number. The NOHS dancers created an artistic firework before the 10 candidates entered the scene in their white fantasy “angel-like” outfits.

Mister & Miss NOHS 2014

Red was this evening not the color of love, but the color of the sports outfit of the 10 contestants for the 2014 title of Mr. & Ms. Negros Oriental High School. The Q&A session, probably the most feared part of most contestants, was done in a professional way by Ms. Muffin, who is – as we learned – the very first Miss NOHS.
Mister & Miss NOHS 2014

After a short change of the outfit, the candidates showed their talents which reached from ballroom dancing and hip-hop to singing and poetry.
Mister & Miss NOHS 2014

Finally it was time for the lovely ladies to slip into their gowns and the young gentlemen to change to their official attire before the winner was announced.Mister & Miss NOHS 2014


Well done and congratulation to:

Mister & Miss NOHS 2014

Negros Oriental High School

Miss Silliman 2014 - Coronation Night

Miss Silliman 2014 – Coronation Night

Last night was the Miss Silliman 2014 Coronation night at the Lamberto Macias Sports Complex. While the event was not sold out, and some seats remained empty, it was still a good crowed, which supported their favourites in a frenetic way with cheers, lights, banners and all kind of “noise-makers”. After the last judge finally arrived and was introduced the show started with the presentation of the stunning candidates who ran for the crown of Miss Silliman 2014.

Miss Silliman 2014 – Presentation of the Candidates

Miss Silliman 2014

At this point a quick thank you to all organizers, artists, announcers and sponsors. Without them an event like the Miss Silliman Coronation Night would not be possible. Some of them are in the next little gallery:

For the sake of political correctness, the swim-wear round is almost not existing at beauty pageants in Dumaguete. No difference here. The contestants had to choose a Zodiac Sign and presented themselves in a kind of costueme according their choice.

Miss Silliman Candidates as Zodiac Signs

Miss Silliman 2014

After another more or rather less thrilling intermission number, the candidates finally presented themselves in their stunning evening gowns.

Miss Silliman 2014 – Evening Gown

Miss Silliman 2014



Congratulations Miss Silliman 2014 – Sophia Diago


Miss Silliman 2013

Miss Silliman 2014 Pre- Pageant

Miss Silliman Pageant is a yearly activity of Silliman University, until we discovered it is the  longest running beauty pageant of its kind in Asia. The Miss Silliman pre-pageant was held yesterday at the Claire Isabel McGill Luce Auditorium on the University campus. Even a short power interruption could not stop the enthusiasm of the ten candidates and the audience.

Miss Silliman 2013

Pictures of Miss Silliman 2014 Pre- Pageant

First some pictures from the presentation of the stunning young ladies.

At this point a “Thank You ” to all organizers, participants, announcers, judges and all involved. Without their effort a succsessfull event like the Miss Silliman 2014 Pre- Pageant would not be possilble.

Next was the talent round:

Last but not least the candidates for Miss Silliman 2014 were asked to deliver a short speech about their advocacy.


Dumaguete Tourism Road Show in Camanjac

Once again the stage was set for the Dumaguete Tourism Road Show.This time Barangay Camanjac was the location. The weather stood dry and the audience got excited when the pros on stage performed really excellent.


Mister & Miss CAS 2014 at NORSU

10 gorgeous young woman and 10 handsome young man were on stage of the NORSU gym last night to compete for the Mister & Miss CAS 2014 title.

Mister & Miss CAS 2014

We were able to sneak in backstage to see the nervous candidates preparing for their catwalk.

Backstage at NORSU Mister & Miss CAS 2014

Not only the candidates, also the audience was quite exciting

And here some snapshots from Mister & Miss CAS 2014 at NORSU

Thank You and Congratulations to all Participants

Miss NORSU 2014

Asian College Theater Arts Guild

Asian College at Tayada sa Plaza

Tayada sa Plaza - Dumaguete

Asian College at Tayada sa Plaza

This weeks Tayada sa Playa was sponsored by Asian College. The Theater Arts Guild of the college did a little bit a different performance compared to most other Tayada Weekends. The team did a stunning 45 minute performance about two kids from birth to college graduation.  Some visitors might have been confused at the beginning, when 2 young came pregnant on the stage and “delivered” live on the same.

However, after a few minutes it was all clear what it is about. The show was filled with music, dancing, acting, live-band, just everything on can perform in this short time. Certainly some very talented students at Asian College.

Well done, keep up the good work.

Asian College Theater Arts Guild

Asian College Theater Arts Guild

Nutrition Month CalminatNutrition Month Culmination Quezon Parkion Quezon Park

Nutrition Month Culmination at Quezon Park

The Food Fair 2014 with the theme “ Kalamidad Paghandaan Gutom at Malnutrisyon Agapan” was held at Quezon Park , Dumaguete City July 30.

The program started when participating Barangays finished preparing their goods.

Nutrition Month Culmination Quezon Park

Nutrition Month Culmination Quezon Park

The participating Barangay brought their vegetables, fruits and finish products to their respected booth to showcase them. Each booth mush have the Go, GROW, GLOW food.

Some mothers from participating Barangays also joined the Inter- Barangay Cooking Contest. They had to represent their foods to the judges as well as the recipe of the finished product to let the judges taste them.

Nutrition Month Calmination at Quezon Park with silliman students

Nutrition Month Culmination at Quezon Park with silliman students

Before the selling and tasting the food the program started with the prayer lead by Nutrition Officer I, CNO Purivic Y. Paras followed by the Pambansang Awit (Singing of National Anthem) after the Nutrition Month pledge, led by Engineer Leonides P. Caro OIC, CPDO, a message from our City Administrator Mr. William E. Ablong followed.

Emcee Syril Repe announced the “Cutting of Nutrition Vine”, which was the fair-start led by our City Mayor Manuel Teves, Sagarbarria, who also gave an inspirational message for everybody as we celebrates the Nutrition Month.


Hope you enjoy our photos..


Tayada Sa Plaza

Tayada Sa Plaza 2014 – Season Opening

Tayada Sa Plaza Dumaguete

Tayada Sa Plaza is one of our favourite events in Dumaguete. Different schools and groups are showcasing their talents on stage, which are ranging from traditional dances to vocal artists and modern dance groups. Our good friend Jun Carlos is the “talent scout” and the main organizers of Dumaguete Tourism Office, which is in charge of the event taking place on Sundays on the big stage at Quezon Park. Once again we experienced some highly entertaining hours with great enthusiastic performers.

The 2014 Season Opening had to be transferred to the COSCA Gym due to rainy weather. Nevertheless, all involved pulled off a great show which makes us look forward to the coming weeks and months. Enjoy our pictures of the:

Tayada Sa Plaza 2014 – Season Opening

If you liked our pictures, don’t hesitate to drop by next Sunday at Quezon Park at around 4:00pm and enjoy Tayada Sa Plaza.

Tayada Sa Plaza