Sayaw Pinoy in Dumaguete City

Sayaw Pinoy

When it comes to expressing themselves with dancing (Sayaw), Filipino are “One of a Kind”. Sayaw Pinoy was a great opportunity to see some of the best dance groups of the Philippines in Dumaguete. This special event was brought to Dumaguete during the National Arts Month by the local government and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts.

While Sunday afternoon in Quezon Park is anyway a great time to watch the local talents during the Tayada Sa Plaza performance, this special Tayada was one of the best Sunday afternoons we spend over the years.

At first, we thought we missed all by roughly a year, as the banner online and on the stage announced the February 2016. However, it appeared that it was only the designer of the banner and Tarpaulin on the stage who did not arrive in 2017 yet. All performing groups actually got the year right and traveled even as far as from Luzon to our lovely City.

Just a few minutes after 6pm the show started, and one highlight followed the other. It was just great to see some of the cultural dances from other regions. The professional performances dragged more and more spectators towards the stage, and after half an hour there must have been thousands of people watching the show.

All Sayaw Pinoy groups did change outfit several times and showed different performances from traditional folk dances to ballet and contemporary dance.

Of course, our pictures cannot capture the great moves and choreography, however, for all who have been there it will bring the moment back into their memory, for those who missed it, it gives them at least an idea what they missed.

Sayaw Pinoy was certainly an event we really enjoyed to the maximum and hope it will be held again in 2017, ooops of course 2018 during the National Arts Month

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