Libod Sayaw Festival 2017

Bindoy – Negros Oriental

Libod Sayaw Festival 2017 - Bindoy - Negros Oriental

Our day started early when we hopped on a bus to visit the lovely municipality of Bindoy to celebrate the Libod Sayaw Festival 2017. The weather gods did not mean it very well and dark clouds were covering the sky when we arrived in Bindoy.

Libod Sayaw Festival 2017 - Bindoy Negros Oriental

For us it was more a trip to see old friends again and make many more new ones. “Thank You!” to Maylor Yap and his wonderful staff . They all were simply fantastic hosts. He even assigned one of his staff to carry an umbrella, that we could into the rain and closer to the dancers.

The rain did not affect the schedule of the Libod Sayaw Street Dancing and Showdown competition. Quite the opposite happened, the events started in time, we mean in real time, not Filipino time.

It almost appeared that all the dancers found some extra energy somewhere. Soaked to the bone they did perform with huge enthusiasm while dancing and smiling through the streets of Bindoy. Their effort was highly appreciated by the large crowd along the roads, many of them also standing in the rain but with a smile in their face.

Libod Sayaw Festival 2017 - Bindoy Negros Oriental

The showdown happened just after a short break and the 5 contingents gathered all their energy once more together to impress the judges, the officials, us and all spectators. There is no doubt that all deserved to be winners for what they pulled off in these partially miserable conditions.

Now it may sound like a threat, but rain or shine, we will be back to visit our friends in Bindoy again for next year’s Libod Sayaw Festival 2018!

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