Miss Bindoy 2017

Negros Oriental – Philippines

Miss Bindoy 2017 - Bindoy Negros Oriental

The search for Miss Bindoy 2017 took place at the gym after a long day for us covering the Libod Sayaw Festival and showdown. Thanks to the sponsored delicious dinner, we had enough energy recharged to be like all spectators in a good mood for the beauty pageant.

The event started with the candidates for Miss Bindoy 2017 in Festival attire and it was clear from the first moment that it will be a tough evening for the judges to determine who the new Queen of the Municipality will be.

Miss Bindoy 2017 - Bindoy Negros Oriental

No contest without a lot of helping hands, judges and VIPs. Here some of them we were able to catch on cam.

It was raining the whole day when we were out on the streets of Bindoy and the rain took its toll. Our main camera gave up at the most unpleasant time and we missed almost completely out on taking pictures during the most anticipated round where the lovely contestants presented themselves in their beach wear. Special thanks to one of our friend Genemuel A. Zerna who gave us his spare camera so we were able to get at least a few shots done in time.

Last but not least, the lovely ladies entered the stage in stunning evening gowns, before the judges had to make their decision who will become the newly crowned Miss Bindoy 2017

Congratulations Miss Bindoy 2017

Miss Bindoy 2017 - Negros Oriental - Philippines
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