Tawo Tawo Festival 2017

Bayawan City – Negros Oriental

Tawo Tawo Festival 2017

The City of Bayawan made itself a good name for many reasons. The Tawo Tawo Festival is certainly one of the reasons why many people travel in February to this loveable city in the south of Negros. Of course, we could not miss this great event. We met made many friends over the last years, which is another reason for us to spend a few days in Bayawan City.

The Tawo Tawo Festival 2017 marked the 30th anniversary of this great event and the whole city appeared to be on its feet. If they were not actively participating, they were standing along the streets, cheering Also the 8 contingents seem to put some extra effort in the anniversary event.

Tawo Tawo Festival 2017 - Street Dancing

After our friend Eli, the cultural director of Bayawan, ensured that all judges were in place, the street dancing started at 9 am at the plaza of the city. Finally, even the sun decided, that it should not miss the Tawo Tawo Festival 2017 and sneak-peaked more and more through the dark layer of clouds.

After the street dancing portion of the Tawo Tawo Festival 2017 was a short lunch break and a little bit time to rest before the showdown started at 2pm at the IBC. The place was packed like never before and the enthusiasm was huge. Even the grounds there are really big, it was almost not enough space for the thousands of spectators.

The first 5 contingents came from various Elementary Schools of Bayawan. It never stops to amaze us how much energy those kids have still left after long days of practicing. Surely their teachers wish they have the same energy when it comes to math assignments.

Tawo Tawo Festival 2017 - Street Dancing 68 copy

The last three contingents of the Tawo Tawo Festival 2017 came from the local High Schools. It was a tough decision, however, at the end it was the Team of Barangay Villareal who bagged all major awards and the Grand Champion Tawo-Tawo Season 2017.

For us the big winner were all people who made their way to Bayawan City to celebrate this great Festival with all Bayawanons. We need to thank the Tourism Office and our Friend Eli Gonzales Manlangit for having us there. We are already looking forward to visit Bayawan City again, whatever the occasion may be.

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