Langub Festival 2017

Mabinay – Negros Oriental

Langub Festival 2017

The Langub Festival 2017 was held on January 24 in the cave capital of the Philippines. Of course, we could not reject the invitation to visit the municipality in the mountains at the border to Negros Occidental.

After a rather short night rest following the Miss Mabinay 2017 pageant we used the chance for a quick swim in the pool of Mabinay Springs, our home for our trip. At this point a special “THANK YOU” to the municipality for having us there and taking good care of us.

Plenty of VIPs and VUPs were also guests of the municipality. Following some pictures of them and also some helping hands who are so important to make an undertaking like this to a successful event for everybody.

Langub Festival

The Langub Festival made itself a good name way beyond the borders of the municipality and the 2017 festivities simply verified that it is one of the top festivals of the island.

If there can be any critics, it would be that the way of this year’s parade did not go through Mabinay Springs which always gave a great background for our pictures over the last years. Of course, this did not influence the enthusiasm and the energy of the dancer from the different contingents of Langub Festival 2017.

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