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Pasayaw Festival 2015 - Street Dancing

Canlaon Pasayaw Festival 2015

The Pasayaw Festival 2015 in Canlaon City took place on March 19. Six contingents from different schools in Canlaon participated as well as three contingents from neighboring municipalities of Guihulngan, La Libertad and Tayasan. Here some images of the Pasayaw Festival 2015 street dancing and showdown.

Tawo-Tawo Festival Bayawan

Tawo Tawo Festival 2015 – Showdown

Tawo-Tawo Festival 2015

Mr. Eli G. Manlangit

Mr. Eli G. Manlangit – Chairman, Tawo-Tawo Festival

28th Tawo-Tawo Festival

The Tawo Tawo Festival 2015 in Bayawan City marked its 28th of its kind. The festival is certainly one of the most famous celebrations of whole Negros Island. What need to be mentioned in a very positive way is the organization. Mr. Eli G. Malangit runs a tight, well thought through, and intelligent office.

Therefore it is not surprising that the showdown as well as  the street-dancing started in time. An event starting in real-world time is in the Philippines as rare as an ice-block in the Sahara.

Mr. Malangit told the Dumaguete.com team: “I can not let the children sitting and waiting in the heat for some VIPs and officials to arrive. We start in time !“.

Tawo-Tawo Festival Bayawan

Tawo-Tawo Festival Showdown

The Tawo-Tawo 2015 Showdown started at 10:00 am. At that point most participants were already up and practicing since hours. The sun was already burning and if anybody needed a quick breakfast, it would have been no problem to boil an egg on the cemented grounds. The opening speeches were kept pleasantly brief and the first group got ready. Nine contingents were participating. Five in the Gagmay/Junior Tawo-Tawo category, four in the Dagko/Senior Tawo-Tawo category. Following some pictures (not sorted by contingents).

Bayawan Tawo Tawo Festival


Tawo-Tawo Bayawan 2015

and here the last few pictures:


Tawo-Tawo Festival - Bayawan City

Mabinay - Langub Festival

Langub Festival 2015 in Mabinay

The Langub Festival in Mabinay highlights the celebrations of the town fiesta. The word Langub originates from the local phrase for “cave”. Mabinay is well known as the cave capital of the Philippines with estimated 400 caves. 45 have been explored and seven are open to the public to visit. Thousands of spectators were lining the streets of Mabinay to watch the street dancing competition of the Langub Festival 2015. Eight competitors were showing their dances to the cheerful visitors and the watchful judges.

Langub Festival - Street Dancing

Many political “heavyweights” followed the invitation of Mabinay Mayor Ernie Uy to join the festival and enjoy the Showdown held at the Market. We spotted Negros Occidental Governor Alfredo Marañon Jr, Negros Oriental Rep. George Arnaiz, Dumaguete City Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria, Sibulan Mayor Maning Diputado and many councilors from different towns and cities of Negros Oriental.

Mabinay - Langub Festival 2015

Langub Festival 2015 Clusters & Judges

Langub Festival in Mabinay

Langub Festival 2015 – Official Results

Street dance
1st Cluster#6 – Tribu Paabba
2nd Cluster#4 –Tribu Ati-a
3rd Cluster#1 – Tribu Dhagpas

Sandurot Festival 2014 - Showdown

Sandurot 2014 – Street Dance & Showdown

Hot – Hotter – Sandurot 2014 Street Dance Parade. The sun was burning down at 3:00pm, when the participants of the streetdance parade started moving from Portal West via Perdices- and Real Street back to Quezon Park where later the Showdown took place.  All spectators who were not busy finding a spot on in the shade or boiling eggs on the street saw some great performances of all participating schools.

Sandurot 2014 – Street Dance Competition

Sandurot Street Dance Parade

Sandurot Festival 2014 – Showdown

The national Broadcast of Sky Cable was probably the reason that the Showdown of this years Sandurot Festival started perfectly in time on 5:00 pm. Bottomline, it can be done!  Maybe the organizers of the Miss Dumaguete Coronation Night should take a seminar at Sky Cable how to plan ad execute a fast paced event, instead of stretching a little over 5 hours.

Sandurot Festival 2014 - Showdown

The seven contingents did great and the cheers of the audience grew louder from contestant to contestant.

Showdown -Sandurot Festival 2014

Last but not least one pictures we can’t leave out and our definite winner for best picture of the Sandurot 2014 Showdown.
Showdown -Sandurot Festival 2014

Jimalalud - Hambabalud Festival

Buglasan 2014 – Showdown and Street Dance

The Buglasan 2014 – Showdown and Street Dance was traditionally held on Friday. This day was also a special regional holiday. As it could be expected, the Macias Sports Complex and the streets of Dumaguete were packed and it appeared that whole Negros Oriental came to its capital to enjoy the festival of festivals. After all judges, politicians, celebrities and beauty-queens were present, the show finally could start.

Buglasan 2014 Showdown

Eight participants were competing in different categories. The ninth performer was Sta. Catalina with the famous Pakol Festival. They did not participate, as their little monkeys always got the heart of the audience and the judges and basically won all Buglasan competitions over the last years. For this achievement, they got rewarded with the “Golden Slam” and a nice big trophy. It need to be said that Sibulans Yag Yag festival would be a serious competitor for the dance-troop from Sta Catalina and it would be a close call who gets the title at Buglasan 2014 – Showdown and Street Dance.

Following some pictures we took at the Buglasan 2014 – Showdown and Street Dance 

 1 – Bayawan Tawo Tawo Festival

1 - Bayawan Tawo Tawo Festival

 2 – Sibulan Yag-Yag Festival

2 - Sibulan Yag-Yag Festival


4 – Jimalalud – Hambabalud Festival

Jimalalud - Hambabalud Festival

5 – Dumaguete – Sandurot Festival

Dumaguete - Sandurot Festival


6 – San Jose – Ayuquitan Festival

San Jose - Ayuquitan Festival


7 – Bais -Hudyaka Festival

7 - Bais -Hudyaka Festival


8 – Tanjay – Bod Bod Festival

Tanjay - Bod Bod Festival

9 – Sta. Catalina – Pakol Festival


Trophy for Grand Slam Winner Sta. Catalina - Pakol Festival

Trophy for Grand Slam Winner Sta. Catalina – Pakol Festival