The Miss Mabinay 2015

Miss Mabinay 2015

Following the invitation of Mabinay’s Tourism Officer Gary Caseres we went to the Cave Capital of the Philippines for the annual fiesta. The Miss Mabinay 2015 pageant was the event on the day of our arrival. Nine contestants were competing for the title at the municipality stage. The doors of the venue opened at 7:00pm, however, it was past 10:00pm when the event finally started with the prayers, national anthem and the production round.

Miss Mabinay 2015 Production Number

Production - Miss Mabinay 2015

After the production number the candidates had a lot of time to change as all judges, sponsors, VIPs, VUPs, and “God-knows-who-else” needed to be introduced as well as some short speech and the contest rules were read of the script. Anyway here some pictures of the VIPs, guests of honor and intermission numbers.

intermission at Miss Mabinay 2015

Miss Mabinay 2015 in Swim Wear

Other than in political correct Dumaguete, the Miss Mabinay 2015 pageant was not afraid to have the lovely candidates wearing bikinis; certainly the most famous round of any beauty pageant in the world… at least with 50% of the world’s population.

Miss Mabinay - Bikini

Talent Round at Miss Mabinay 2015

The talent round followed almost immediately after some minor technical issues with the usual dancing, singing and interpretative acting.

Miss Mabinay

Last, but most anticipated round showed the nine competing candidates for Miss Mabinay 2015 in their evening gowns. “White” was the theme at Miss Mabinay’s beauty pageant.

Miss Mabinay 2015

Harlene Mae LubricorHarlene Mae Abenita Lubrico

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