Miss Dumaguete Diamond Jubilee 2024

Talent Night – Coronation Night

The search for Miss Dumaguete Diamond Jubilee 2024 was a long-lasting undertaking. It took place over several weeks at the Pantawan People’s Park, which is located at the famous Rizal Boulevard at the waterfront of the City of Gentle People. The search for the new queen of the city was special for multiple reasons. It was the first time for 5 years, that a Miss Dumaguete Beauty Pageant was held. It came together with the 75th Charter anniversary of Dumaguete as a City. The event was planned earlier this year but was moved to the end of May 2024.

Miss Dumaguete Diamond Jubilee 2024
Talent Night

The 11 lovely candidates hat to show their talents to the judges and  the crowed at the Pantawan People’s Park. The performances ranged from singing and dancing to playing instruments and painting, and even standing on some plastic plates is a talent not everybody has. Here some pictures of that evening.

Miss Dumaguete 2024 Coronation Night

The Coronation Night in the search for Miss Dumaguete Diamond Jubilee 2024 was held on May 31, 2024. Announced for 7.30pm, the event started finally at 8pm with some prayers and the national anthem. It took the good part of an hour until every VIP was greeted and had his name called, before the 11 candidates were the first time on stage. The white-orange “jumpsuite-apparatus” was certainly an unusual outfit to celebrate the beginning of the Miss Dumaguete 2024 coronation night.

Before the swimsuit competition, were some video-clips, where candidates talked about their advocacies. Sadly, the video-, light- and sound-guys were at no point up to their task at this event and that section had to be stopped, as all was out of sync.

Swimwear competition

No matter how much talent, brain and empowerment organizers try to talk into a beauty pageant, the swimwear section is always the most anticipated part of any pageant worldwide, for all the right reasons. You can see why in our small gallery.

Women of Dumaguete

This was a new section of the event, where the lovely candidates talked about some women, which are heroes in their lifes. It is a wonderful idea to hear about the different stories of each candidate. The stories were only topped by the candidates.

Miss Dumaguete Diamond Jubilee 2024

Candidates in Evening Gowns

The moment had finally arrived, when 11 candidates entered the stage graceful in stunning gowns. After some minor and major awards, the last five candidates were announced and after more than 4 hours, the winner was announced.

Miss Dumaguete Diamond Jubilee 2024

The DC-Team would like to congratulate all the winners and participants, which made it through the very long event, lasting over 4 hours. We only would have wished for, that the video and light department would be half as prepared, as the 11 lovely candidates were.

For all who have not been there or could not make it until the end, check our Video of the Miss Dumaguete Diamond Jubilee 2024 coronation night below.

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