Miss Tanjay 2017

Tanjay City – Negros Oriental

Miss Tanjay 2017 - Negros Oriental

There are events one does not want to miss. The fiesta celebrations in Tanjay are certainly one of them. One of the main events is the search for the new Queen of the city. And to take it right away at the beginning: Miss Tanjay 2017 exceeded all expectations. 12 stunning candidates were ready for the thousand and more spectators as well as for us. Already the production number showed everybody how tight this beauty pageant will be, but see yourself.

The show started at 9:00pm and was stuffed with highlights. Plenty of celebrities and TV-stars grayed the event and entertained everybody while the candidates had the chance to change their outfit. Certainly, a better option than having the cousin or sister of a municipality VIP torturing everybody, just because they are “perfect singers” in the neighbor’s karaoke bar. It was simply great to see the professional entertainers live on stage. Overall, we need to give our compliments to the organizers who put together a great event. Thank you for having us there!

Miss Tanjay 2017 candidates in Swim Wear

Another wise decision of the organizers was, not to include any of those dreadful talent-rounds. The second round was the highly expected (and appreciated) Swim Wear competition. All candidates were very confident in their sexy outfit and the cheers of their supporters could not get any louder. The first round of interviews was also held in this outfit and the audience was very supportive and cheered for each of the 12 candidates.

Last but not least the 12 lovely ladies entered the stage in evening gowns. Gold and Black were the color of the night. Each candidate could have her own design to get the deciding scores from the judges to become Miss Tanjay 2017. This way, the contestants did not look like getting their outfit from an “End-of–Summer-Sale in a Candy Crush Saga Shop”, but really elegant and graceful.

Even it was a rather long event, it was fast paced without any stretching and the time flew by until finally Miss Tanjay 2017 was crowned.

Miss Tanjay 2017

Miss Tanjay 2017- Tanjay City - Negros Oriental - Philippines
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