Buglasan 2019 Marching Band Competition

The Elementary Marching Band Competition & the High School Marching Band Competition was held on October 15-16, 2019. View Gallery & Watch Video below!

Miss Negros Oriental 2019 – Coronation Night

The search for Miss Negros Oriental 2019 was participated by 12 lovely ladies from all over the said province in celebration of the Buglasan Festival 2019. View gallery here!

Miss Valencia 2019 – Coronation Night

Miss Valencia 2019 Coronation Nights was by far one of the smoothest and fastest beauty pageants the DC-Team covered this year. View gallery here!

Puhag Festival 2019 in Valencia

The celebration of the Puhag Festival 2019 marks the third annual festivity in the municipality of Valencia, Negros Oriental. Read more & view gallery here!

Miss Manjuyod 2019

The search for Miss Manjuyod 2019 was held last October 2, 2019. Ten ladies battled duiring the selection & coronation night. Read more & View Gallery Here!

Mantuod Festival 2019 in Manjuyod

The Mantuod Festival 2019 of Manjuyod was held on September 29, 2019. It was a beautiful and perfectly sunny day. View gallery and watch video here!

Sandurot Festival 2019 in Dumaguete City

Sandurot Festival 2019 in Dumaguete City was as expected! Being the capital of Negros Oriental, it takes pride on putting on the best show. Gallery here!

Miss Dauin 2019

The search for Miss Dauin 2019 was participated by nine lovely ladies last September 08, 2019. Click here to read more, see pictures and watch the video!

Tapasayaw Festival 2019 in Bais City

The Tapasayaw Festival 2019 plays an important role in the celebration with the 51st Charter Day celebration of Bais City. View galler here!

Hibalag Festival 2019 – King and Queen

The Hibalag Festival 2019 King & Queen is held as part of the celebration of the 118th Silliman University Founder’s Day. Click here to see gallery!