Miss Valencia 2022

Mutya ng Valencia – Negros Orietal

Miss Valencia 2022 - Coronation Night - Negros Oriental

Miss Valencia 2022 was held once again after 3 years, due to the pandemic. This beauty and brain pageant is also known as Mutya ng Valencia and was held last October 10, 2022. In celebration of the town fiesta, the pageant was participated by ten lovely candidates from the different barangays of Valencia. The program for the Coronation Night consisted of the production number, playwear & fitness attire, evening gown, and of course the Q&A (question and answer).

Production number – Feeling Festive

Around eight o’clock the program started. The ten candidates made their way of stage with a gold top and white pants paired with big golden wings. Each candidate had their own style and design for the outfit. They quickly made their dance and walked the stage.

Playwear & Fitness Attire

Unlike most pageants, the Mutya ng Valencia competition did not feature a bikini or a swimsuit. Instead, they opted for a crochet top and shorts. Again, each candidate giving their own style and design to their outfit. During this portion, the preliminary Q&A was asked.

Evening Gown – Blue & Royal

Blue is the color of royalty. True enough, all the candidates looked royal in their deep blue evening gowns. They graced the stage as they showcase each gown with poise and elegance. Out of the ten candidates, only six would be called to move on to the next round. They would proceed to another Q&A. The top 3 could be picked, and from them the final Q&A would be asked. Not long, a new queen was crowned.

Congratulations, Miss Valencia 2022!