Tapasayaw Festival 2022

Hudyaka sa Bais City

Hudyaka sa Bais - Tapasayaw Festival 2022

The Tapasayaw Festival 2022 is finally back after two years since the hit of the pandemic. Bais City and its streets were filled once more with colorful festival costumes and lively drum music. The Hudyaka sa Bais – Tapasayaw Festival this year was held on September 7, 2022. Five clusters participated in the street dancing and showdown competition. The DC-Team was also glad to escape the office and cover the festivities up north of the province.

History of Tapasayaw

The term “tapas” in Cebuano dialect is to harvest sugar cane and “sayaw” which means dance. Bais City is known for having an abundant resource of sugar cane in Negros Oriental. During times of calamity or tragedies, the people of Bais would pray to their patron saint (San Nicolas de Tolentino). Blessings would shower upon the faithful town and restoring their resources and economy through the sugar cane harvest. Today, there are various stories revolving sugar cane and how a single “tubo” help mold Bais as a city.

Tapasayaw Festival 20222
Street Dancing & Showdown

The street dancing started half hour past one o’clock. Despite the blazing heat of the sun, the dancers and performers gave their best smiles and dance through the streets of Bais City. It was also great to see so many people watching the street dancing with happy grins and cheerful applause.

After the street dancing, everyone gathered at the Bais City Gymnasium to watch the showdown competition. The venue was filled with bright and colorful costumes, props, and confetti as the performers gave their best moves. It was a great day filled with dancing, singing, and festivity.

Watch the Tapasayaw Festival 2022:

Happy Fiesta Bais City!

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