Miss Siaton 2022

Grand Coronation Night

Miss Siaton 2022 - Festival Costume

Miss Siaton 2022 was one of the highlight events of Siaton Fiesta this year. The search for the Miss Siaton Fiesta Queen 2022 was participated by eleven candidates from different parts of the Philippines. There were candidates from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. It was an open competition, which means people outside the municipality of Siaton were allowed to join.

Festival Production Number

One of the most eye-catching segments of the whole show was the production number. The candidates came out in their festival attire representing each of their municipality or province. With the beating of the drums and the Latin background music, they paraded the stage with their colorful costumes.

Swimsuit Competition

After the colorful start of the program, the lovely ladies went backstage to slip into their swimsuit attire. They wore a one-piece swimsuit with a vibrant color and floral design in the front. With their best catwalks, they spiced up the evening with both fierce and charm.

Evening Gown

A few intermission numbers followed, so the candidates could prepare for the next part of the competition…the evening gown! Each candidate came in their most elegant and unique evening gowns. Some had the “revealing” effect, while others opted for a more sparkly approach. Nonetheless, all candidates graced the stage with their elegance and beauty. Since this is a beauty and brain competition, the most important part of the competition followed. The Q&A! The top 6 were chosen, after that, the preliminary round followed. Another set of question followed and the top 3 were chosen. The final question was asked, and not long after…a new queen was crowned!

Congratulations to the Miss Siaton 2022

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