Buglasan King and Queen 2015

Buglasan 2015 King & Queen

In a festival full of great events, Buglasan King and Queen 2015 competition usually takes place on the busiest day. Friday night after the Buglasan Showdown and the Street Dance competition is the moment when all participants need to get all left over energy together to enter the stage at freedom park for the Kings and Queens of their municipality.

The 18 contestants and their dancers from the nine participating municipalities appeared on stage like they came fresh and well rested out of bed, full of energy not showing that they were dancing in the glistering heat of the day since 8:00 am in the morning. The Buglasan King and Queen 2015 competition started with a 90 hours delay as the judges needed to get fed first and were than victims of the traffic chaos around freedom park.

Freedom park was packed with people like Dumaguete Downtown with motorized vehicles during rush hour on a Friday afternoon. All where in great mood when the candidates appeared in their stunning festival costumes.

Buglasan King and Queen 2015 in Festival Costume

The Buglasan King and Queen 2015 contest as well as the showdown and especially the street dancing would not be any fun without the great choreography and the dancers with all the props.They certainly are the hardest workers during the whole day and the preparation time.

They usually get the least recognized, so we thought we give them a small gallery to honor their endless effort and energy.

The Buglasan King and Queen 2015 competition ended with the candidates in their Filipiniana Dress and Barong. All couples were wearing the traditional clothing very gracefully and once again we were lucky that we didn’t need to decide who the Buglasan 2015 King and Queen will be. Surly the thousands in Fredom Park witnessing this event were the biggest winner.


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