Ballroom & Folk Dance Competition – Buglasan 2015

One declared favorite of each years Buglasan celebration is the Ballroom & Folk Dance Competition. It is usually held as together on one evening and showcases the beauty, grace, tradition and talents of the young Negrense. Almost surprisingly for everybody was, that the event started in time. A fact which should be marked in the calendar as it is pretty unique in the Philippines. While we can not show the graceful movements, we hope you will still enjoy our pictures of the Ballroom & Folk Dance Competition at Buglasan 2015. Let’s start with the:

Buglasan 2015 – Ballroom Dancing Competition

Folk Dance Competition – Buglasan 2015

The Folk Dance Competition of Buglasan 2015 was under the theme “Spanish Influenced Dances”. Wonderful costumes, beautiful choreography and performers at their very best entertained the cheering audience, VIPs and judges. Everybody who came to Freedom to watch this great show enjoyed the evening.

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