Sandurot Festival 2015

The Sandurot Festival 2015 came to its peak with the Street Dancing parade through the streets of Dumaguete City and the Showdown right after on the stage at Quezon Park. For the first time the Sandurot Festival was held together with the Civic Parade. That made the whole event simply much too long for all spectators and especially for the participants.

Sandurot Festivlal - Streetdance

We skipped the Civic Parade as pictures of office-workers hiding from the sun under whatever piece of paper they could find, holding a tarpaulin while walking through the streets of Dumaguete is not really what we want to publish for our readers. Of course the Civic Parade started also an hour or so late, so that the following street dancers were exhausted waiting in the heat. Here Some more Pictures of the:

Sandurot Festival 2015 – Street Dancing

Without to offend anyone, but we find that extremely irresponsible of the organizers. The dancers are kids and high school students. While we saw that most Civic Parade Participants would do good to sweat off some kilo during the parade, the kids certainly deserve some kind of protection, not have them roasting until finally the last secretary of a barangay kagawad is gracing the asphalt of the cities streets.

Sandurot Festival  2015 Showdown

Miraculously the Sandurot Festival Showdown started in time. Maybe the reason was that it was live broadcasted on two local TV channels. Everybody was ready and in their spot in time. So somehow people can be in time if they may or may not get their 3 seconds of fame when a TV camera is around . The timely start was also one of the reasons why the audience was very cheerful. They did not have to wait until they get bored out of their rear-end until anything on stage happens.

The only person who might not be so happy is probable the Sky Cable assistant in charge for the outfit of the two announcers. Putting the two in footwear like below for a live broadcast can certainly cost his/her job.

Sky Cable Dumaguete

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