Entries by Darell DC-Team

Miss Silliman 2016

The Coronation Night of Miss Silliman 2016 was one of the highlights of the SU Founders Day celebrations. Like it could be expected the venue was stuffed with thousands of cheering students, alumni and more or less important people.

Miss Vallehermoso 2016

This Year Miss Vallehermoso 2016 was once again a successful event. Miss Vallehermoso 2016 pageant and Coronation Night is the high lights of the municipality, and it was schedule the night before at actual fiesta.

Pakol Festival 2016

The Pakol Festival 2016 of Santa Catalina was, as expected, another joyful and eye-catching event. With little monkeys dancing on the streets, more attention was caught from the viewers of the said festival.

Kapaw Festival 2016- Basay – Schedule

Basay in Negros Oriental is famous for their Kapaw Festival. The festival that celebrates the abundant catch of fish. Kapaw is the local word for “overflowing”. Due to the numerous fishes during their catch, the fish shimmers on top of the sea water for the fishermen of Basay easily to harvest.