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Bindoy Fiesta 2024 Schedule of Activities

Bindoy Fiesta 2024 – Schedule of Events

Bindoy Fiesta 2024 will include highlight events such as the Libod Sayaw 2024 Showdown and Miss Bindoy 2024. Click here to see full schedule!

Tawo Tawo Festival 2018-Schedule of Activities

Tawo Tawo Festival 2018 – Schedule of Activities

It’s yet again time to celebrate the annual Tawo Tawo Festival in the city of Bayawan. For this Tawo Tawo Festival 2018, the days of February 04-27, 2018 will be filled with different events such as street dancing, sporting events, Miss Bayawan and a lot more! Click here to read more and see schedule of activities.

Production Number - Miss Dumaguete 2017

Miss Dumaguete 2017

Ten candidates competed for the Miss Dumaguete 2017 Coronation Night was held last Nov. 22, 2017 at the Macias Complex. Click here to view gallery.

Amlan Fiesta 2017

Amlan Fiesta 2017 – Schedule of Activities

Amlan Fiesta 2017 will be celebrated as thanksgiving to the municipality’s patron saint, St. Andrew the Apostle. Find the schedule of activities here.

Jimalalud Fiesta -Sinulog sa Jimalalud 2017

Jimalalud Fiesta 2017

The Festival year kicks off with the Jimalalud Fiesta and the Sinulog sa Jimalalud Festival. Find here the schedule of event for the 2017 celebrations.

Valencia Fiesta 2015

Valencia Fiesta – Schedule of Activities 2015

The celebration of the annual Fiesta are always some of the busiest days for the municipalities officers and persons in charge to create great events. This year the festival celebrations in Valencia start first week of September and last until October 12.

Wayboga Festival - Amlan

Wayboga Festival – Amlan

Wayboga Festival - Amlan

Short, but intense is the celebration of the municipality of Amlan Smoke Free 6th year Anniversary and Wayboga Festival 2015

Theme: “Ang Tanan Malipayon KOn ang Kahimsog sa Katawahan sa Amlan Magpadayon”
(“Everybody’s Happy when Amlanganons continue to stay Healthy”)

Friday July 17 2015

Activities in the Morning:
6:30 AM Salabong Parade at Bio-os crossing to Amlan Plaza , Tandayag Wharf to Amlan Plaza
8:00 AM Program at Amlan Central Square

Afternoon Activities:
2:30 PM Wayboga Street Dance Competition in front of the Municipal Hall

Evening Activities:
7:00 PM Showdown 4 High School on the Municipality
7:00 PM Wayboga Princess 7 Elementary School in the municipality
11:00 PM Disco

Happy Anniversary – Amlan

Tayasan Festival

Tayasan Fiesta 2015 – Street Dancing

Tayasan Fiesta 2015 - Street Dancing

Street Dancing – Tayasan Fiesta 2015

Once again the DC Team went north to visit a municipality. We were invited to the Tayasan Fiesta 2015 by the honorable Mayor Nonong Ruperto to the week-long celebrations. One of the first Highlights was of course the Street Dance Competition. It started like announced “spot on”at 8:00 AM… Nah, we are joking

Tayasan Fiesta 2015 - Street Dancing

When we arrived at 7:30 AM to get some preparation shots, there was only ONE (1) contingent could be spotted at the very far left corner of the big Tayasan Plaza. The next group arrived some when around 8:20 AM. Anyway, the Street Dancing in Tayasan started finally around 10:00 AM.

Tayasan Fiesta 2015 - Street Dancing

When the contingents where finally released from the covered court, the dancers put on their brightest smiles for the thousands of Tayasanos along the streets of the municipality.


Tayasan Fiesta 2015 - Street Dancing

Tayasan Fiesta 2015

Tayasan Fiesta 2015

Tayasan Fiesta 2015

The Dalit Tayasanon Festival 2015 is in full swing While the municipality of Tayasan does not belong to the biggest in Negros Oriental, Tayasanons certainly know how to throw a party. The Schedule of activities of the Tayasan Fiesta 2015 is filled with events for all ages to enjoy.

Tayasan Fiesta 2015 – Schedule of Events

June 6, 2015, Saturday

Drag Race (National Open)

June 7, 2015, Sunday

Day: Mountain Bike Challenge (National Open)

Night:Rap Contest (Open Province Wide)

June 8, 2015, Monday

Day: Pagpangandam ( Preparation)

Night: Battle of the Champions “SANGKA SA BANGGIITANG”

MAG-AAWIT SA TAYASAN” (Open 1st Cong. District)

Presentation of Candidates

June 9, 2015, Tuesday

Night: Pop Dance (Open Province Wide)

June 10, 2015, Wednesday

8:00 AM CALLE de BALLAR ( Street Dance)

2:00 PM PALIHE SHOWDOWN “Dalit Tayasanon Festival 2015″

Night: Senior Citizen’s Night (Kagabhion sa mga Edaran)­­­

June 11, 2015, Thursday

Day: Pagpangandam

* Presentation of Past Beauties

June 12, 2015, Friday

5:00AM Mass of All Churches

6:00AM Fluvial Procession “DAWAT”

7:00AM Flag Raising – Independence Day Parade “ADLAW SA KAGAWASAN” with Past and Present Beauties

Lumba sa Sakayan (Racing)

Night: Miss Tayasan 2015 “Gabie Sa Pasunding” – Coronation Night Special guest: Actor Jordan Herrera

June 13, 2015, Saturday

4:00AM High Mass All Churches

Motocross (National Open)

8:00PM – Disco with Skillage Band


Sibulan Fiesta 2015

Sibulan Annual Town Fiesta 2015

Sibulan Fiesta 2015

Time to celebrate the Sibulan Annual Town Fiesta from May 30 to June 14, 2015. There is something for everybody, whether one is active or a passive spectator.

Sibulan Annual Town Fiesta – Schedule of Activities 

Saturday May 30, 2015

Opening Salvo
9:00 PM Presentation of Miss Sibulan 2015 Candidates
Fireworks at the Municipal Plaza
Mojo Fly Band from Manila feat.
Lougee Basabas Foam Party Part II & Disco at Municipal Covered Auditorium

Sunday May 31, 2015

5:00 AM Sibulan Adventure Run Fun Run; 3K; 5K & 10K Off-Half Marathon 21K *Selected Sibulan Areas.

Sunday May 31 to June 6, 2015

6:00 PM Inter-LGU Basketball Tournament at the Municipal Covered Auditorium

Friday, Saturday and Sunday June 05, 2015 to June 07 2015

8:00 AM 1st Invitational Non-Master Chess Tournament at the Municipal Plaza.

Friday June 5, 2015

5:00 PM ZUMBA at the Park

Sunday June 7, 2015

6:00 PM First All Star Celebrity Basketball Sunday Exhibition Game VS. Shaman Air at the Municipal Covered Auditorium. (by: Bayong Fontelo Wedding & Events)

Monday June 8, 2015

8:00 PM Miss Sibulan 2015” Talent Presentation and SMB Night w/ Live Band & Disco at the Municipal Covered Auditorium.

Tuesday June 9, 2015

Hudyaka Sibulan
A night of song & comedy Tuesday feat. Angel of Ms Tres, Boobsie Wonderland & Alex Castro – 8pm at the Municipal Covered Auditorium (by: Bayong Fontelo Wedding & Events)

Wednesday June 10, 2015

“Miss Sibulan 2015” Technical Rehearsal at the Municipal Covered Auditorium
6:00 PM Minus-One Singing Competition Junior
Minus-One Singing Competition Senior
Modern Dance Competition
Rap Competition at the Municipal Plaza

Thursday June 11, 2015


Friday June 12, 2015

6:00 AM Independence Day Celebration at the Municipal Plaza Civic Parade at *Sibulan Streets
1:00 PM Banca/Pumpboat Racing Port, Sibulan, Negros Oriental
4:00 PM Fluvial Procession Ajong to Agan-an seas and Vice Versa
9:00 PM GLOBE Night : Live Band feat. 6k Band
People’s Night Disco at the Municipal Covered Auditorium

Saturday June 13, 2015

11:00 AM Thanksgiving Mass at *St. Anthony Parish Church, Sibulan
8:00 PM People’s Night Disco at the Municipal Covered Auditorium.

Sunday June 14, 2015

1:00 PM Triathlon Swim: 750m 1500m Jump Off point Maayo Shipping Lines: Bike: 40k Run: 10k

Happy Fiesta 2015, Sibulan