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Video of Miss Bais 2022

The search for Miss Bais 2022 was participated by ten candidates. One queen, one title. Who will be it be? Watch the video to find out!

Miss Silliman 2022 - Coronation Night - Production Number

Miss Silliman 2022 – Coronation Night

Nine lovely candidates participated in the search for the 76th Miss Silliman (Miss Silliman 2022). Click here to read more & view gallery!

Video of Miss Guihulngan 2022

The Miss Guihulngan 2022 coronation night was held last May 22, 2022. There are ten candidates, one crown, and one tittle. Watch video here!

Miss Bindoy 2022

The coronation night of Miss Bindoy 2022 was held last April 4, 2022. Eight candidates, one title. Check out our gallery here!

Miss Valencia 2019 – Coronation Night

Miss Valencia 2019 Coronation Nights was by far one of the smoothest and fastest beauty pageants the DC-Team covered this year. View gallery here!

Miss Dauin 2019

The search for Miss Dauin 2019 was participated by nine lovely ladies last September 08, 2019. Click here to read more, see pictures and watch the video!

Miss Bindoy 2019

Video of Miss Bindoy 2019

Miss Bindoy 2019 was held last April 04, 2019. Eight lovely candidates joined in the search for a new queen of Bindoy. Read more & Watch Video here!

Miss Bindoy 2015

Miss Bindoy 2015


A fully packed municipality gym in Bindoy was the location of the Miss Bindoy 2015 beauty pageant. The event was split into the talent night and the coronation night. Eight stunning candidates were well prepared to show not only their beauty, but also their talent and capability to speak a memorized line or two into a microphone.

The Talent Night of Miss Bindoy was held on the evening of the municipality fiesta with a lot of political prominence present to celebrate the annual fiesta in Bindoy. In good tradition we start with a gallery of VIPs and helping hands as well as sponsors. Without them an event like that would not be possible.

After all introductions of present people and reading of the contest rules it was time for the candidates to present themselves the first time on stage during the production round.

Miss Bindoy

Next was the talent round. In all honesty, while each candidate certainly practiced hard, some appeared to be forced by their handlers to a certain performance instead of showing what talent they actually may have. Then again, maybe clicking “like” and “share“, as well as “speed-texting” might not count as a talent at a beauty contest.

Miss Bindoy 2015 Coronation Night

The Miss Bindoy Coronation Night started on the spot (in Filipino time) with prayer and national anthem before the candidates presented themselves in their interpretation of the theme.

Miss Bindoy 2015 Coronation Night

Stunning costume designs presented by gorgeous candidates forced the crowd to cheer their hearts out. Each of the designer of this costumes and of course all candidates deserved this reaction. They were some of the best themed costumes we’ve seen this year!

Miss Bindoy - Swimmwear

The swim wear round was kept rather short, which was fine with most, as the design would not win an award in the 21st century and color reminded most probably on great-grandmothers closet. But we guess a sexy bikini would just not be politically correct.

Finally the candidates switched to their evening gowns, which was after the festival costumes the second highlight of the Miss Bindoy 2015 Coronation Night.

Miss Bindoy 2015

Congratulations Miss Bindoy 2015

Miss Bindoy 2015

Miss Basay 2015 - Evening Gown

Miss Basay 2015

Miss Basay 2015 Talent Night

A cheerful, fully packed Municipal Gym in Basay witnessed the search for Miss Basay 2015. Like almost with most beauty-contests the event was split into two evenings, the Talent and the coronation night.  March 15 was the talent night where the 10 candidates showed their talents in different stage performances. Like common during this events, a lot of more or less well known people needed to be introduced on both nights and it took a while until the lovely candidates entered the stage. Therefore our first gallery is also about the more or less important people and others involved in the event.

Miss Basay 2015 – Talent Night

Miss Basay 2015 - Talent Night

 Miss Basay 2015 – Coronation Night

After the Talent night the candidates had a rest day to prepare for the coronation night of Miss Basay 2015 beauty pageant. Everybody who witnessed the first part of the pageant was aware, that this will be a tough decision for the judges.

Miss Basay 2015 - Coronation Night

In the first round the contestants presented themselves in stunning festival costumes, which certainly didn’t make the decision easier for the judges.

The swim-wear round was kept rather short, which was probably to the liking of the protective fathers and jealous boyfriends of the candidates for Miss Basay 2015, but certainly a bit a disappointment for most men in the audience.

Miss Basay - Swim Wear


Miss Basay 2015 - Evening Gown


Congratulations Miss Basay 2015

Miss Basay 2015

Miss Dumaguete 2014 - Malka Shaver

Miss Dumaguete 2014 – Coronation Night

The Miss Dumaguete 2014 Coronation Night took place as on of the main-events of the 2014 Sandurot Festival. Once again the Dumaguete Convention Center was chosen as a venue, and once again the delay was extraordinary. The main task of the event was to find the successor of Lorraine Kendrickson -Miss Dumaguete 2013- who represented the City of Gentle People most successful at the Miss World – Philippines Pageant.

The “Who-is-Who” of Dumaguete was in full numbers present, completed with other VIPs of the national show- and business sector. Reading their names, glorious achievements and curriculum vitae plus all sponsors took more time than the seven candidates spend on stage to present themselves to the board of judges and the audience. Following a view pictures of some of the honorable guests of this event.

Finally it was time to start the Miss Dumaguete 2014 Coronation Night with the production number.

Miss Dumaguete 2014 - Production

Production Number Of Miss Dumaguete 2014 Contestant

Miss Dumaguete 2014 - Production

Miss Dumaguete 2014 Candidates in Swimsuits

“History repeats itself” must have been the theme of the swimsuit round. The candidates were wearing bathing suits which obviously reassembled the style of the 60s and reminded one of our team-members strongly of the beach wear his grandma was wearing back in the early 70s

Miss Dumaguete 2014 - Coronation Night

Miss Dumaguete 2014 Candidates in Gowns

The gowns were also held in a greyish silver, so it appeared, that the overall theme of the event-planner was more directed towards the 70s instead of the modern woman of the 21st century.

Miss Dumaguete 2014 - Gowns

Finally the show got to its highlight, the announcing of the different awards and the new Miss Dumaguete

Congratulations to  Malka Shaver

Miss Dumaguete 2014

Miss Dumaguete 2014 - Malka Shaver
Miss Dumaguete 2014 – Malka Shaver